3 Bathroom Budgets, 3 Bathroom Collections

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/12/18 10:04 PM

Bathroom collections can be one of the easiest ways to add style and charm to your bathroom remodel no matter your budget. By shopping for a collection instead of individual pieces, you'll create an effortless, cohesive look with a kind of one-stop shopping. Let's look at high-quality faucets and fixtures from Moen, Brizo and KALLISTA; collections at three different price points.

The Moen Wynford Bathroom Collection

The Wynford Collection from Moen includes bathroom sink and tub faucets, shower components and accessories like towel rings, tissue paper holders and toilet tank levers. Designed to fit in nicely with contemporary or transitional design schemes, the Wynford collection also features Moen's patented M-PACT Common Valve System.

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M-PACT gives you the option of changing your faucet without having to worry about the actual plumbing. All you need is an Allen wrench and a screwdriver to change your fixture at any point during your project, in a couple of years when you're ready for an update or even in a decade.

You can outfit your bathroom with the Moen Wynford collection for $500 to $600.

The Brizo Vettis Bathroom Collection is the very definition of a modern silhouette and looks great in almost any finish.

The Brizo Vettis collection will make a definite statement in your bathroom. Vettis combines geometric shapes with an open flow spout for a truly modern silhouette that is also an instant classic. You'll have the freedom to create a unique space that can echo the vibe of a downtown loft, even if you live in suburbia, by pairing Vettis with more rustic materials like stone and wood. Vettis includes details like drawer knobs and cabinet pulls and is available in three finishes - polished chrome, luxe nickel, and matte black.

Some Vettis collection shower heads are built with H20kinetic technology, which gives you a luxurious spray without running up your water bill. Patented mechanics control the shape and speed of water, making each water drop bigger and releasing them in a wave pattern, so it feels like you're using more water when you really aren't.

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Completing your bathroom with the Vettis collection will cost $600 to $1,000.

The Kallista Script bathroom collection evokes a sense of the past without ever looking or feeling dated.

Evoke a sense of the past while remaining firmly in the present with the luxe look of the KALLISTA Script collection. The Script design team combined the feel of a bygone era with the best of modern plumbing technology to give you gorgeous faucets and fixtures that offer superior functionality you can count on for years.

Choosing the Script collection of lavatory faucets, shower trims, console tables and accessories - including a beautiful, floor mount tub faucet - injects an instant shot of class into your bathroom. But what makes Script so special is that it can and does fit into any design scheme you have in mind. Its traditional styling doesn't limit how you can incorporate Script but frees you to mix and match it with additional styles like modern, traditional and contemporary.

A Script bathroom could cost $3,000 or more, depending on which faucet configuration(s) and accessories you choose. 


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