4 Ways to Light Your Kitchen

Heather Asiyanbi - 9/24/18 3:49 PM

There is not another room in your home where lighting is more critical than in the kitchen. Not only do you require adequate illumination to prepare meals and clean up after them, food just looks more appetizing under the right light. Choosing the right fixtures is part planning and part design inspiration.

A successful lighting scheme almost always involves three layers - ambient (general); task; and accent lighting - and there are fixtures designed to address each need. Two points we need to stress; be sure every layer is on their own switch and you can use a dimmer.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

The ambient lighting in your kitchen is what happens when you flip the primary switch when you walk into the room to get a glass or water or grab a munchie before heading to bed. Recessed lighting is a great option because it can make your room feel bigger; without taking up any real visible space on the ceiling, even a smaller kitchen will appear more spacious. Do use a dimmer, though, so you can control how bright your lights shine.

More, recessed fixtures are easier to keep clean because the casing protects them from dust and humidity that cooking can produce. 

Flush & Semi-Flush Mount

Like recessed lights, a flush- or semi-flush mount light fixtures fill the need for general lighting in your kitchen. You can use them as a layer by themselves or in conjunction with recessed lighting to create a bright space. Flush- and semi-flush mounted light fixtures come in so many sizes and colors, materials, and shapes you should be able to find an option that works well with your design scheme.

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And, because most flush- and semi-flush mount take light bulbs with a standard base, you can use LED lamps for brighter light and lower energy bills. 

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Task lighting in your kitchen most often takes the form of pendant lights over your kitchen island or your kitchen sink where the pendant is directing a beam of light into a concentrated area where you're taking care of one kitchen detail or another. Pendant lights are another way to add an extra layer of style to your kitchen, too, because they are available in a host of styles, materials, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Light Strips and Chandeliers

Highlight the beautiful crown moulding at the top of your cabinets by using light strips as accent lighting. You can also hang a decorative light fixture like a chandelier above your dining table. Light fixtures like these aren't necessary, but they do add a little more personality - and sparkle, in the case of a chandelier - to your kitchen. 

Accent lighting can also call attention to a piece of artwork or illuminate the inside of a glass cabinet where dishes and glassware is stored and on display.


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