5 Easy Bathroom Updates for the Holidays

Heather Asiyanbi - 11/12/18 6:55 AM

The holidays can be both a beautiful and a stressful time of the year, especially if you've not quite gotten around to remodeling your bathroom after promising yourself this would be the year. You don't have to endure another holiday season of explaining away your dated faucet and accessories; instead, employ these easy fixes that can inject a serious shot of style in just an afternoon.  

1. Switch Out Your Hardware for Something New

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom is to replace your current faucet and accessories with new ones. Most bathroom faucet installations can be done in an hour or so, even for the most inexperienced handyperson. 

Swapping out for a new towel ring, a towel bar, a toilet paper holder and even your shower curtain rod to better reflect your style and personality can make a huge difference. Many brands like Kohler, Delta and Moen offer entire suites of faucets and matching accessories, making it easy for you to shop more quickly and efficiently.

If you have a vanity cabinet, think about replacing drawer pulls, too. A few simple hardware swaps will quickly improve an antiquated bathroom.

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2. Replace Your Toilet Seat

Installing a new toilet seat is another easy way to update your bathroom. If you have guests who will stay overnight, consider installing an LED toilet seat; the soft, blue glow gives late-night bathroom-goers enough illumination but isn't glaring so they have trouble going back to sleep. 

A soft-close toilet seat is another option; little visitors won't get their fingers caught, and the soft-close feature is a nice upgrade that only costs a few dollars more than a traditional seat.

Toilet seats can get scratched. If the color starts to wear off,  even a clean toilet seat will start to look dingy and dirty.

The holidays are the perfect time to throw out the old and install a new toilet seat.

3. & 4. Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror & Lighting

A new mirror can change the entire look of your bathroom. If you currently have a mirror that's plain and rather utilitarian, consider adding a little "wow" to you bathroom with a new mirror and a new light fixture.

Upgrade your mirror to a large, framed piece, for example, or choose a mirror in a distinct shape that speaks more to your style. Either way, you really can't go wrong with a new mirror; it will be one of the first things guests notice when they walk into your bathroom and will be the last thing they look at before they rejoin your party.  

Lighting has a tremendous impact on the color and tone of your bathroom. If you like your fixture, consider using LED bulbs instead of incandescent or CFLs. Not only will your energy costs decrease, but you'll find the light emitted from LED is closer to natural daylight. 

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But, if your lighting needs a complete makeover, choose a vanity fixture with the number of lights you'll need to fully illuminate your space; a two-light piece with LED bulbs is great for a 50-square foot bathroom or smaller, for example. Be sure that it fits evenly over your mirror, placing as much on center as possible.

5. Decorate with Holiday Decor

If you’re decorating your house for the season, don't leave your bathroom bare. Adding festive touches like a winter-themed shower curtain, cheery hand towels, bathmat and spice-scented diffusers, soaps and lotions helps bring the holidays into this often overlooked room. Most major retailers - even your grocery store - offer a variety of seasonal items, so finding decorations will be easy.


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