5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Farmhouse Sink

Heather Asiyanbi - 2/22/18 3:00 PM

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Choosing the right kitchen sink can be challenging. Not only do you need a sink that stands up to tough kitchen tasks, it also needs to look great for years. The farmhouse sink has deep roots in early and rural America when the sink wasn't just an important fixture, it was the very center of the kitchen.

Through the years, the farmhouse sink has both endured and evolved. People love it for the instant feeling of nostalgia the sink makes them feel and appreciate that introducing various materials and playing with the shape of its apron front mean a farmhouse sink can move out of the country and into the city or anywhere in between.

Here are five reasons you should choose a farmhouse sink for your kitchen:

  1. Everything was cleaned in the farmhouse kitchen sink; dinner, clothes, dishes - even kids - so the design of it was important to keep the business of running a household moving. Farmhouse sinks have what's called an apron front, which means there isn't any cabinet or counter space between you and the sink, making it extremely user-friendly because there's less stress on your back and legs. More, a farmhouse sink is typically just one, big bowl for soaking big pots and large pans that's a good two or three inches deeper than the 9-inch drop-in kitchen sink with which you probably grew up.
  2. How a farmhouse sink gets installed is another reason you should have one. While the front of the sink sits slightly past the edge of your cabinets, the sides and back are positioned just a touch under the edge of your counter top so you can wipe crumbs, water and mess directly into the sink.
  3. Farmhouse sinks are available in a myriad of materials so even if your design style isn't country, you can still incorporate one into your kitchen. Instead of a traditional white fireclay, choose a sleek stainless steel to compliment your modern vibe or evoke an old-world charm by finding one in hammered copper.
  4. Versatility is another hallmark of the farmhouse sink. You can quite literally pair nearly any style and finish of kitchen faucet with a farmhouse sink and come out a winner. Of course, the caveat is that if you're going with a special material like copper, you do need to be a little more careful with your faucet choice, but overall, the sky is the limit.
  5. Farmhouse sinks are also easy to keep clean, a critical factor in busy homes with children. The size of the basin - even with a double bowl configuration - and its apron-front design make wiping out and rinsing the back corners a breeze. Choosing a fireclay or porcelain material is even better since their finishes are so smooth they almost shine like glass.

Important note: because of the way a farmhouse sink is installed, you will need to choose either a deck mount or wall mount kitchen faucet.

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