6 Ways To Redo Your Bathroom On The Cheap

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The beginning of a new year is a great time to start tackling your list of home improvement projects, but any time of year is perfect to upgrade your bathroom without tearing out any walls. Everyone wants an occasional refresh to their spaces, but not everyone has a massive budget to make it happen. That’s okay, because you can accomplish a lot with a little.

Adding details like shower doors with brushed metal accents, a new vanity and/or sink, lighting and mirrors can go a long way to bridging the gap between what your bathroom currently looks like and what you dream it could. Here are some other key elements you can add to your bathroom to make it a space you love even more:

Brushed Metal Accents

When paired with lots of glass such as shower doors, and mirrors that provide a good amount of shine and reflection, brushed metal accents can be especially striking. Smaller details like the finish of your accessories and even your sink drain (which should really match your faucet) set the tone in your bathroom by pulling your look together. A general rule is that you should stay in either the polished family (chrome matched with nickel, for example) or brushed (stainless steel and bronze, perhaps).


Your bathroom lighting should help you put your best face forward every day, and adding sconces in either a matching or complementary metal finish (see point above about how to mix your metals) provides both the lighting you need for a smooth morning routine and to shave or apply makeup.

To properly position your sconces, measure between 65 and 70 inches for the floor and line up the light portion of your fixture somewhere in between. Your goal is to be sure light fills in the shadows of your face, so choose the height that lands in the middle of of how tall most of the folks are who will use the bathroom.

Shower Doors

Upgrading your shower curtain to a shower door or panel increases the value of your home almost instantly. VIGO offers a variety of shower doors that are both framed and frameless and come in a plethora of sizes with plenty of metal accents from which to choose. From clear to opaque to even patterned, your shower door can be a reflection of your style and personality.

Open Shelving 

Open shelving to display your towels instead of shut away in a cabinet or closet is an increasingly popular option. For a truly spa-like environment, consider sticking to a single-shade of white, gray, or even navy blue color scheme for all your accessories, including towels, to create a cohesive look that’s more soothing to the eye.


If you bathroom can't accommodate a separate bathtub, create a stylish centerpiece by choosing a beautiful new vanity with a vessel sink and faucet. Inject a shot of personality into the room by stepping a little outside the box by installing an onyx sink and a polished chrome faucet or a white ceramic sink in rectangle shape with a matte black faucet. Both combinations fit in nicely with a transitional design and won't go out of style for several years.

Shower Massage Panel

To make it feel like a spa in your own home, a shower massage panel is available that doesn't require you to install extra water heaters or tear out your wall for a new valve. Instead, just attach the panel via its 1/2-inch connector to the shower arm already in place. The diverter valve is built in so you can control how much and where the water is delivered for a truly luxurious experience every time you step under the spray.


If you've been tolerating your plain-jane bathroom mirror, hanging a new mirror will change the entire tone of your bathroom. Your mirror is the first thing you see and the last thing you look at in the bathroom, so why not shop for a bathroom mirror that helps rather than hinders your design?

Your bathroom mirror should be centered above your bathroom sink no matter if you have a pedestal or a vanity. Take the average height of everyone who uses each bathroom and determine where the middle of the mirror is located. Hang your new mirror so the average height and mid-point of your mirror are at the same level.

 **This article was submitted by VIGO

**Anna Blinova is the Art Director of VIGO’s New York office. Since joining VIGO Anna’s rebranding efforts, together with VIGO’s creative team, contributed to VIGO taking home first place at the 2018 Architizer A+ Awards, one of the most well-known architecture and design publishers in the world.

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