A Little Lighting Makes a Big Impact

Heather Asiyanbi - 11/21/18 11:00 AM

The lighting in our homes plays a critical role in how and what we see and feel. If your kitchen or bathroom looks a little dreary, you should consider updating and upgrading the light fixtures in each room, adding layers to illuminate and highlight each space.  More, don't forget smaller touches to help pull your look together.

Upgrading Flush Mounts

Flush mount light fixtures provide the ambient, or general, lighting for your room. While domed frosted glass is a classic flush mount design, there are more unique options available that can completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Leave utilitarian behind and consider adding some details like sparkle with faceted glass, crystals and gems. Consider an industrial vibe with matte black or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. There’s no reason your flush mount lighting fixture needs to be boring when there are so many easy ways to upgrade.

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Exaggerate the Size

Punch up your lighting even more by adding a fixture that is slightly oversized for your space. In general, you want to add the length of your room to the width and convert that number to inches. If your kitchen is 15 feet by 11 feet, you'll need a light fixture that is 26 inches in diameter, but why not go bigger? Opt instead for perhaps a 30-inch fixture that really speaks to your style and shows off your personality. 

Penchant for Pendants

Task lighting like a multi-light fixture above your kitchen island or sconces on either side of your vanity mirror are typically positioned to help you get stuff done like meal prep and getting ready for your day. Instead of shopping for replacement replicas in new finishes, hang pendant lights. 

Kitchen island pendants should be hung equal distance from each other and either end of the counter. A 60-inch island, for example, would require two pendants hung 20 inches from either end, resulting in each light hanging 20 inches from each other on center.

In your bathroom, consider replacing the sconces with smaller pendants that hang from the ceiling but provide the same amount of illumination so you put your best face forward every day.

Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Accent lighting is the third necessary layer for a successful lighting scheme in any room. In your kitchen, adding LED tape under cabinets or inside crown moulding adds a dramatic undertone and highlights architectural features.

If you need something a little brighter to assist with food prep, consider low-profile linear units or puck lights. Both options offer easy installation and budget-friendly pricing. .

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Remember to Change the Switch Plate

Before you reach for the light switch again, take a moment to consider the switch plate. Does the color or finish complement the overall look of your room or did you just run to the store and buy a pack of white plastic plates? Don't overlook the little details go a long way in bringing your vision of your room to life. 

If you've installed a flush mount with gems, that doesn't mean you need a switch plate to match, but choosing a plate with a complementary finish would go a long way. Perhaps you want your light switches to fade into the background; try to find plates that match your wall color. 

These little lighting upgrades are all you need to refresh your home. Simple changes can make a big impact, and after a little shopping and installation, your home will feel new and improved.

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