All Things Pedestal Sinks

Wesley Ward - 3/20/18 9:00 AM

What is a Pedestal Sink?

A pedestal bathroom sink is made up of two primary parts, the pedestal (or the leg) and the sink basin. The sink is mounted to a wall strong enough to support its weight and it’s also supported by the pedestal. All pipes, including the water supply and drain, are run through the wall and not through the floor.


Pedestal sinks are most commonly found in half-baths, powder rooms, and guest bathrooms because they don’t require much space. They give bathrooms an open, uncluttered appeal that large vanities cannot. Pedestal sinks also provide a traditional aesthetic that makes them a favorite if you want to model your bathroom after a vintage era.

This simple and sophisticated look comes at the cost of storage, though. A pedestal sink provides very little counter space, usually just enough for hand soap, and there is no built-in storage space to speak of. If you’re transitioning from a vanity to a pedestal sink you may need to find extra room in the medicine cabinet or linen closet to store your items.

Latest Trends

While the traditional pedestal sink has cemented itself as a classic, there have been some contemporary design improvements on the traditional concept.

Kube Bath Geometric Pedestal Sink.jpgThis Kube Bath Acrylic Pedestal Sink uses a unique, geometric shape that makes a statement while still making use of all the conventional aspects of a pedestal sink. It’s clean, airy, and it’s the perfect complement to a bathroom renovation project.

D'Vontz Spring Pedestal Sink Base.jpgThis Dvontz Pedestal Base is a twist on the classic supportive base with an eye-catching design that can be paired with the basin of your choice. The whirling, spring-like shape adds an imaginative element to a sophisticated design, while still maintaining the clean and simple look that all pedestal sinks provide.

Whether you go for the contemporary style or the traditional look, the right pedestal sink can be a great centerpiece to your bathroom remodel. While you may lose out on a bit of extra storage space, the uncluttered, airy aesthetic makes up for it.


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