Azhara: Affordable Luxury for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Heather Asiyanbi - 9/10/18 11:00 AM

Shopping for new faucets and fixtures for your kitchen and/or bathroom remodel can make you suffer sticker shock. High-end, luxury pieces are constructed from solid brass components, contain ceramic disks that won't quit and have been designed with a definite fashion-forward mentality. But, those same products can also carry a sky-high price that puts them out of reach for your project. 

Azhara is a new brand that offers the same showroom quality you get from bigger names without the luxury price tag.

Beauty on the Inside

Your faucet is the crowning jewel of your remodel. Next to your appliances in your kitchen and your tub in your bathroom, your faucet will be the most noticeable piece in your room, and you should expect your new faucet to both look beautiful and provide superior functionality for years. 

Browse Azhara Faucets & Fixtures

Because Azhara adheres to the same philosophy as more well-known names, your faucet is manufactured with metal interior parts - most often from brass - that are machined instead of stamped on an assembly line. This is an important distinction; individual machining means each part is meticulously cut one-at-a-time instead of having a piece of equipment stamp several pieces out of a large sheet of metal.

Also, by including either brass or ceramic valve cartridges, you can trust that your new faucet can stand up to the daily use of your busy home without breaking down after just a year or two. 

Designer Duds

Kalene Widespread Bathroom FaucetKalene Widespread Bathroom FaucetAll Azhara faucets have been designed to fit a variety of styles - traditional, modern, contemporary - so you shouldn't have an issue finding exactly the right fit for your new space. The Brionne professional kitchen faucet, for example, resembles pieces found in commercial kitchens while the Deysi is a nice nod to times gone by. In your bathroom, the Lorea bathroom suite provides a more contemporary profile, and the Kalene collection adds a nice transitional note.

Most Azhara faucets and fixtures are available in the three most popular finishes; polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze, making it easy to customize your spaces by choosing the same metal throughout or mixing and matching. Oil-rubbed bronze is a nice balance to polished chrome.

More Than Just Faucets

Azhara Undermount Stainless Steel SinkAzhara Undermount Stainless Steel SinkAzhara doesn't just create beautiful faucets, though. The brand also has a line of stylish and sturdy stainless steel kitchen sinks that pair wonderfully with every kitchen faucet in their line. 

  • Single and double basin undermount kitchen sinks, including a bar/prep sink perfect for your new kitchen island
  • Culinary zero-radius sinks that go great with the Azhara Brionne professional kitchen faucet
  • Modern farmhouse sinks with one or two basins

Additionally, you'll find a selection of bathroom accessories from a number of collections like Lorea, Kalene, Atonia, and Aisly. These lines represent a nice cross-section of styles so you can fully outfit your new bathroom quickly, easily, and affordably.

Price Points

Azhara prices are 30 to 50 percent lower than their more well-known counterparts. 

Delta's Dryden single-handle bathroom faucet, for example, has a list price of $248 while Azhara's Kalene single-handle has a price tag of just $128. Similarly, Kohler's Purist single handle shower faucet will run around $350 while the Azhara Aisly is less than half at $149 and includes the tub spout if you have a shower-over-tub configuration.

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