Azhara vs Delta Kitchen Faucets: Do You Want An Azhara Or Delta?

Heather Asiyanbi - 10/15/18 11:00 AM

Azhara and Delta Faucet both offer high quality kitchen faucets in a variety of styles to suit both your design and functionality needs. With internal components made of solid brass and designer touches you often find only in luxury faucets, choosing either an Azhara or a Delta kitchen faucet is a win-win for you. Still, there are some differences to consider before you “Add to cart.”

Similarities Between Azhara & Delta

Your kitchen faucet is only as good as the materials that go into it. Azhara and Delta both have a commitment to the highest quality, so they use metal components like solid brass parts that have been individually machined and ceramic discs that won't wear away with use. Lower quality faucets use plastic discs and cartridges and stamped metal pieces that daily use will cause to fail much faster than you'd anticipate, forcing you to purchase a replacement.

There are many different styles available with both Azhara and Delta kitchen faucets, though Delta has a slight edge here with the number of different designs available to you. Still, even with its more limited line-up, Azhara's focus on a more luxurious profile for its kitchen faucets means you have the freedom to create a high-end look you'll love for years.


If you're looking to add some great faucet technology to your kitchen, Delta has the edge over Azhara. In addition to its best-selling line of touch faucets, Delta also offers innovative features like ShieldSpray and spot resistant finishes.

Azhara and Delta both offer kitchen faucets in polished chrome and matte black, a relatively new finish that continues to garner attention as a great neutral around which you can design your kitchen in any style. Azhara continues to offer brushed nickel, but Delta has moved to a brilliance stainless, which is an ultra-durable PVD finish that resists tarnishing, discoloring, corrosion and scratching. Delta also offers a champagne bronze finish.

But, if price is at the top of your list of considerations, you should give Azhara a serious look. Azhara faucets start at just $195 compared to $315 for a comparable Delta model. Azhara's most expensive faucet - a professional model home cooks will love - retails for $558, while Delta's - which does include touch and ShieldSpray technologies - will run you $740.

Choosing Between Azhara & Delta

Azhara and Delta kitchen faucets are high-end, high-quality pieces, and you'll be happy for years if you choose either one. There are differences between them, and you'll need to decide if you want to pay a premium for adding touch and spray technologies and the added choice of a champagne bronze finish. But, if price is driving your decision, then Azhara gets the edge; you'll get the same great quality as a Delta faucet but at a much lower price point.

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