3 Bathroom Faucet Configurations to Consider

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/11/18 11:00 AM

Bathroom faucets are available in three configurations; single-handle, two-handle widespread and two-handle centerset, each of which offers its own set of pros and cons and installation options. Your single-handle bathroom faucet could be deck-mounted or it could be a vessel faucet while your two-handle widespread could actually go on the wall above your bathroom sink. Let's review how each application might work for you.


There are a number of advantages to installing a single-handle faucet in your bathroom, especially if you have limited deck space. The footprint of a single-handle is decidedly less than that of a two-handle bathroom faucet, making them a perfect choice when space is limited. Powder rooms and smaller bathrooms with pedestal sinks or vanities with limited deck space are tailor-made for single-handle faucets.

You can also control both the temperature and flow of water more easily with a single-handle faucet than a two-handle. Even better? New technology from Delta Faucet - Touch20.Xt - combines touch, touchless and manual operation and is only available in their single-handle bathroom faucets.

The most popular installation applications are deck mount (either sink or vanity) or as a vessel faucet with a companion sink. Read more about vessel sinks and faucets here. Wall mounted single handle faucets are not as popular, but they do give off a definite sense of luxury.

Two-Handle Widespread

The advantages of a two-handle widespread include both installation options and the luxury of space. A widespread faucet, in general, has eight inches between the center holes of the hot and cold water taps with the spout positioned directly in the center.

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You can mount your two-handle widespread on either the deck of your sink or vanity or on the wall above your sink. A deck-mounted faucet is the easier installation option and something you can do yourself in a couple of hours while a wall-mounted faucet is probably a choice best left for a complete remodel since plumbing will need to extend up inside the wall.

One definite advantage of a two-handle widespread faucet is how easy it is to clean around it. The space between handles and spout allow you to get around curves and angles more easily, reducing the chance for build up of dirt and grime.

Two-Handle Centerset

A two-handle centerset faucet is a great compromise between a single-handle and a widespread bathroom faucet. If you just really enjoy having separate controls for hot and cold water but don't want to lose too much counter space, then a two-handle centerset is a great choice.

Centerset bathroom faucets typically measure four inches between the center holes of the hot and cold water taps with the spout in the middle. All three pieces are almost always designed with a base, but there is very little room between the handles and the neck of the faucet so cleaning can be a little more challenging.

Decision Time

Choosing a bathroom faucet may seem daunting at first but knowing your options is the first step in figuring out what you like the most. Modern bathroom faucets come in a myriad of finishes (up to 30, depending on the manufacturer) and styles so finding one to fit your design scheme probably won't be the issue. Instead, you'll need to decide which configuration best completes the overall look you want and if integrating technology is a major factor.

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