Best Vanities of 2018

Heather Asiyanbi - 1/8/19 8:15 PM

Bathroom storage is typically at a premium, so choosing the very best vanity that works for your life and your family is key to putting everything in its place as well as harmonious morning and bedtime routines. Shoppers like you in 2018 chose really beautiful pieces for their bathroom projects, so browsing this list could help you narrow your search.

Kohler Jute Tailored Vanity

Best Vanities 2018 Kohler Jute Linen White

Two doors plus two drawers with storage trays in a great floating vanity provide plenty of storage. Soft close operation means fingers won't get jammed, and solid wood construction means the Jute is built to last.




Avanity Brooks Single Vanity

Best Vanities 2018 Avanity Brooks

Transitional design in a furniture-like vanity combined with solid wood construction and a marble top give you an instant shot of style that won't go out of fashion any time soon. 



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James Martin Sonoma Single-Basin Vanity

Best Vanities 2018 James Martin Sonoma Vanilla

 A truly modern profile in a floating vanity is definitely an attention getter when you add this piece to your bathroom. Smart storage solutions include shelving behind the doors and deep drawers.




Kohler Poplin Single Basin Vanity

Best Vanities 2018 Kohler Poplin Felt Grey

This 30-inch vanity is a great solution for both a powder room or a family bathroom because of its Craftsmen meets Shaker styling and roomy storage. 






Avanity Thompson Double Vanity

Best Vanities 2018 Avanity Transitional Double Vanity

You'll wonder how you ever got along without all the storage this double vanity provides. Six drawers and two cabinet spaces fronted by double doors mean you will have a place for everything and everything in its place.







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