7 Best Black Bathroom Accessories In The Market Today

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When you’re designing your bathroom, you want it to be simple, functional, and easy to coordinate with various linens and other materials, such as towels, curtains, and so on. Given that it’s a room you spend a significant amount of time in each day, you want it to be just right, and new trends in bathroom accessories have greatly increased the variety you have available to make your bathroom really stand out.

One of the more popular items on the market right now are black bathroom accessories. Whereas gold statement hardware and accessories have dominated design, black accessories give a totally different look, one that’s actually a bit easier to adjust to over time. The truth is that metals tend to weave in and out of style, whereas steels, silvers and blacks tend to fit into almost anything.

Your bathroom accessories consist of everything from your toilet paper holder, towel ring and bar, shelves, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and tissue box. There are so many ways in which you can accessorize a bathroom, and you’ll want to keep a few issues in mind: first, whatever color you use needs to not only coordinate with other materials in the bathroom, but generally flow into other parts of the house, as well. You can certainly use copper in the bathroom, but next to gold in another room, it might appear in-cohesive.

That’s why black accessories have become so popular. Not only is black a sleek finish, it also rusts less, wears better, and is really a great neutral, so you can use it to blend with relative ease into any design, whether it’s Mid-Modern or rustic.

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Why You Should Choose Black Bathroom Accessories

It adds contrast to the bathroom

In a room that is often dominated by whites, pastels and other lighter colors, darker additions make the room more striking, and even in some cases, a bit more relaxing. Contrast is essential in design, just as much as uniformity. Black accessories make both of those a lot easier, given that they are generally easier to find or make and coordinate.

Many up-and-coming designs utilize darker color schemes

Whereas whites and golds used to be the most popular colors in the home, new and upcoming styles actually focus more on darker, minimalistic looks. One great example of this is Japanese design, which tends to use more Earth-toned colors, like deep grays, browns and woods, to achieve that relaxing, streamlined look. In this case, black accessories would pair beautifully with grey walls, various wood shades, and other tiles.

It creates moodiness no matter what design you choose

Whether you want a rustic bathroom or a modern one, black accessories by contrast give it more depth and beauty. As an added bonus, having black accessories means you’ll more likely be able to transfer them to other rooms and designs as time goes on, given that they are pretty universal to coordinate.

Black Bathroom Inspiration

This bathroom uses black faucets, light fixtures, garbage and bathtub spout. The black-on-black design gives it a gothic but modern and streamlined look. It also appears edgier and a bit more sleek, given that the black coordinates so well. This was paired with black flooring and curtains to enhance the look as much as possible. In contrast with the white brick walls, it really works.

The black sink on the extra wide wooden countertop and wide, wall-spanning mirror is reminiscent of a Japanese bathroom design, in which the spaces are meant to be communal. If you’re okay with the lack of privacy, the shower seems to accommodate that, too. In this case, the black accessories were paired with similarly darker but still sleek materials, giving the bathroom a really streamlined look

Our Favorite Black Bathroom Accessories

 Delta Faucet 75935-BL Trinsic Robe HookDelta Faucet 75935-BL Trinsic Robe Hook

Delta Faucet 75935-BL Trinsic Robe Hook

This simple robe hook can be used singularly, or as a set. Installed on the back of a door or on a spare wall, these allow you to hang up towels and clothing in the most streamlined way possible.

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 Delta Faucet 75925-BL Trinsic 24" Double Towel BarDelta Faucet 75925-BL Trinsic 24" Double Towel Bar

Delta Faucet 75925-BL Trinsic 24" Double Towel Bar

This black towel bar is as sleek as it comes. With minimalistic end pieces and dual bars to allow you to hang multiple items, it’s functional but still blends nicely into your bathroom without being too pronounced.

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 Moen YB5422WR Kingsley 24" Double Towel BarMoen YB5422WR Kingsley 24" Double Towel Bar

Moen YB5422WR Kingsley 24" Double Towel Bar

This double towel bar also comes in a sleek, black finish, but with the added benefit of beveled ends, making it coordinate better with more traditional or detail-oriented designs. Given that many black accessories are made to fit in with a minimalistic look, this bridges those two styles nicely.

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 Speakman SA-1209-MB Neo Glass ShelfSpeakman SA-1209-MB Neo Glass Shelf

Speakman SA-1209-MB Neo Glass Shelf

This glass shelf combines another modern and contemporary design staple: glass and translucent materials. It still incorporates black, simple, rounded ends for easy installation, but the shelf itself is nearly invisible to the eye, making it look almost as though the items placed on it are floating.

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 Allied Brass RD-16-BKM Retro Dot Towel RingAllied Brass RD-16-BKM Retro Dot Towel Ring

Allied Brass RD-16-BKM Retro Dot Towel Ring

This towel ring is great for a smaller bathroom. Though towel rings are always great for hand towels, they can also be used in place of a towel rack at times. The rounded handle and beveled and detailed base makes it look traditional if not a bit vintage, and would coordinate well with any designs like those.

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 Allied Brass TS-25EG-BKM Universal Euro Toilet Tissue StandAllied Brass TS-25EG-BKM Universal Euro Toilet Tissue Stand

Allied Brass TS-25EG-BKM Universal Euro Toilet Tissue Stand

If you don’t have anything nearby to install a toilet paper holder to, this freestanding one is both minimalistic and discreet, but would still coordinate nicely with other black accessories, or even various other colors and materials.

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 Allied Brass P-230-36-TS-BKM Pipeline 36" Wall Mount Towel ShelfAllied Brass P-230-36-TS-BKM Pipeline 36" Wall Mount Towel Shelf

Allied Brass P-230-36-TS-BKM Pipeline 36" Wall Mount Towel Shelf

This wall-mounted towel rack features three separate rods, making it highly useful for bathrooms that are frequented by a large family, or someone who prefers multiple items to be able to hang at once. In addition to the black finish, this rack is made of what appears to be pipelines, giving it an industrial chic look.

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