Corner Bathroom Sink Ideas

Heather Asiyanbi - 10/26/18 3:00 PM

After years of homes growing bigger, builders are constructing houses with smaller footprints. A story in Business Insider notes, "Builders are cutting down to provide homes that are both profitable and affordable amid a shortage of inventory." As the square footage of American homes decreases, maximizing space in your bathroom is key. A corner sink provides both a functional and elegant solution you should consider; it can open up your bathroom for other necessities while still remaining modern and sleek.

Corner Sink Designs

Corner bathroom sinks come in a variety of designs, materials and sizes. No matter the interior style of your bathroom, you can easily find a corner sink to match.

In modern homes, a geometric, glass sink would suit your needs, while corner sinks on a pedestal perfectly suit traditional bathrooms. Wall-mounted sinks are ideal for very tiny bathrooms.

You can also find corner sinks in retro and vintage styles.

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Corner Bathroom Sinks for Small Bathrooms

Cheviot Corner SinkBathrooms with a smaller footprint require fixtures that are sized appropriately. More, you'll need to find ways to utilize every part of your bathroom. Corner sinks let you make use of typically unused corners, creating more space around other fixtures like your toilet.

Corner sinks round out your smaller bathroom and balance the room better than more traditional sinks. Wall-mount sinks create a modern/industrial aesthetic while a cabinet-style sink, which gives you storage options for things like cleaning supplies and extra towels.

Corner Bathroom Sinks for Large Bathrooms

Corner sink big bathroom

If your home has a larger bathroom, though, corner sinks also work for you here, giving you extraroom for a larger tub or shower and an extra dose of spaciousness. The various designs can suit any bathroom, no matter its size.

If you choose a corner configuration, you can still have a standard size sink. Get creative by installing a pedestal sink or a drop-in sink into a corner console. 

The Investment for a Corner Bathroom Sink

Because corner sinks are often minimal in design, they can cost less than other sinks. However, you’ll want to note where your plumbing is.

If plumbing is already in the corner, there’s no problem. If your plumbing is elsewhere, you’ll need to estimate the cost of rerouting it before deciding if a corner sink works for your bathroom - and budget - or not.

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, corner sinks are great additions. They’re functional, beautiful and save space. No matter your bathroom’s size or design, you can find a stunning corner sink to perfectly suit your needs.

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