Delta .Xt Technology is 3-in-1 Bathroom Faucet

Heather Asiyanbi - 10/2/18 10:54 AM

Touch and touchless faucets in your bathroom can make cleaning up and keeping your faucets clean so much easier. With just the tap of your wrist or a wave of your hand you can operate your faucet without transferring any germs or getting it soapy. Delta Faucet recently introduced .Xt technology, giving you a bathroom faucet you can operate three different ways. 

All Delta Touch2O.xt bathroom faucets are single-handle, which allows you to set the flow and temperature so you know exactly what you're getting when you turn on the water. In a nutshell, Delta's .Xt faucets can be used as:

  • A touch faucet - just use your wrist or even your elbow to turn your faucet on and off.
  • A touchless faucet - sensors at the base mean you don't ever have to touch your faucet to operate it.
  • A manual faucet - the single-handle can be used like a regular faucet to set the flow, adjust the temperature and turn your faucet on and off

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Delta's touch technology was developed with sensors that can tell the difference between a touch and a grab by measuring the amount of capacitance - you body's natural electricity - being transmitted. Just touch anywhere on the handle or the spout to get the water flowing.

The incorporation of smart bathroom technology can come in especially handy if you live in a multi-generational home. Touchless sensors are great for little ones who might have trouble reaching the handle and older members of your family who perhaps have difficulty operating a faucet can both just wave their hands in front of the sensor to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

All Delta Touch2O.xt bathroom faucets are powered by batteries or an AC adaptor kit you can purchase separately. If you choose either AA or C batteries, you can expect to use the touch and touchless features for up to two and five years, respectively. If your batteries run out or you lose power, your .Xt faucet will still function with manual operation.

Your .Xt faucet also includes an LED light on the base to indicate both when touch mode is active and when batteries are running low.  

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