Dreamline vs VIGO Shower Doors

Heather Asiyanbi - 8/30/18 8:09 PM

Adding a shower door to your bathroom can be both practical and stylish. You have a number of glass options - clear, patterned or opaque - and installation choices - framed, frameless, sliding doors or pivot - to help you create a truly unique space that reflects your lifestyle and helps your morning routines run smoother. Dreamline and VIGO both offer shower doors for both tub and walk-in shower configurations.

Dreamline Shower Doors

Dreamline hangs their hat on creating affordable luxury you can add to your bathroom to create a space that fits your life and your style, according to the company website

Writers at place Dreamline's Infinity line of shower doors on it's "best of" list, noting its classic details come with options so you can maximize your chance of matching your new shower door to the rest of your bathroom.

Browse DreamLine Shower Doors

"The DreamLine Infinity sliding shower door is one that offers you one of the most classic styles around, but you will appreciate the modern touches that this shower door provides. You can choose from different glass options and finishes and this will ensure that you can match the shower door to your existing bathroom," the article reads.

Experts at include no less than six Dreamline models in their list of the best shower doors in 2018.

VIGO Shower Doors

Leaders at VIGO want customers to know that engineering and design teams work in tandem to deliver products that make their lives easier and more beautiful, the company's website reads, constantly improving and innovating existing and new ideas.

VIGO shower doors also make an appearance on, with the Elan ranking slightly above Dreamline's Infinity. 

"If you’re looking for the best sliding shower door for your bathroom, then look no further than the VIGO Elan sliding shower door," the entry noted. 

Browse Vigo Shower Doors

The Elan series is a versatile option, the writers at agree, noting that while pricing might be little higher than you had in mind, they also think it's one of the best rolling frameless shower doors on the market.

The Elan is a great choice, too, because even if your walls are out-of-plumb, it has a bracket to accommodate your situation. More, you have the option to of either a left- or right-hand door opening.

Decision Time

Price and quality are considerations that go hand-in-hand when you're choosing products for your bathroom remodel. With either Dreamline or VIGO shower doors, you really can't go wrong.

Prices for Dreamline begin at $384 for a 34-inch bathtub door and range up to $2,224 for a 72-inch sliding glass door. VIGO has similar price points; $500 for a bathtub door and up to $1.400 for a 72-inch sliding frameless shower door.

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