Need a Durable Kitchen Sink? Fire Clay is the Answer

Heather Asiyanbi - 3/12/18 7:00 AM

Looking for a durable, nearly indestructible kitchen sink that will create an instant focal point? You may want to consider a fire clay kitchen sink.

Fire clay is an incredibly dense, non-porous material, so it's an ideal material for kitchen sinks because it is easy to clean and nearly impossible to scratch, chip or stain.

Are Fire Clay Sinks Durable?

Creating a fire clay sink is a little unconventional; each sink is forged by heating and curing clay at over 1700 °F. The finished product is heavy-duty, long-lasting and absolutely gorgeous; the epitome of durability in sink materials.

The durable density of fire clay results in a product that is extremely heavy. Your base cabinetry will undoubtedly need reinforcement to handle the heft of a fire clay sink, and a professional installer is highly recommended for installation.

Will a Fire Clay Sink Work with My Kitchen Design?

Fire clay is a popular choice for farm style or apron front sinks. Nearly indistinguishable from enameled cast iron, this material carries the classic farmhouse style and comes in almost any color, but white, black and a rich navy blue are the most popular.

An undermount fire clay sink is also a great option for a modern kitchen aesthetic. Clean elegant lines and soft hues make these sinks a high-end, must-have fixture in any kitchen remodel or new home design. Some manufacturers like Whitehaus offer fire clay sinks with two different front sides so you can truly customize the look of your kitchen.

Things to Know Before Getting a Fire Clay Sink

Gaining the durability and style of a fire clay sink does not come without a little sacrifice.

Aside from being quite heavy, a product with the density of fire clay may damage dropped dishes, so please be cautious.

In addition, because of how its made, fire clay sinks are only available in select sizes and colors.

Plus, you can expect to pay more for a fire clay kitchen sink; prices start around $700 compared to around $400 for a stainless steel farmhouse sink.

Finally, your fire clay sink will require wall- or deck-mounted faucets because drilling a faucet hole into fire clay is simply not possible.

All Things Considered

In summary, fire clay sinks are an impressive innovation, ideal for a high-end kitchen with serious style and performance needs. Your new fire clay sink can withstand a lifetime of pots, pans, puppies and anything else you might throw at or - more likely - in it.

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