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Wesley Ward - 2/20/18 9:00 AM

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Smart Home technology took center stage at CES 2018, and for the first time included major product announcements for the smart bathroom. In this post, we will explore Kohler Konnect, Kohler's new platform enabling a suite of new smart products for your kitchen and bathroom. 

What is Kohler Konnect™?

Kohler has released a suite of smart home products for the kitchen and bathroom, and Kohler Konnect is the platform that helps these products communicate with one another as well as integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit. With the Kohler Konnect app, you can remotely access and set preferences for any Kohler products you have connected to the app. At launch, Kohler will offer a vanity mirror, toilet, bathtub, shower system, and kitchen faucet featuring Kohler Konnect.

By integrating with Amazon Alexa, you can now use your voice to control your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Kohler Konnect has been developed using the Microsoft Azure platform, which should enable it to continue to scale in the future with expanded product offerings and allow Kohler to continue to evolve its integrations with other smart home platforms such as Google Home and Apple's HomeKit.

What can the Kohler Konnect™ app do?

With the Kohler Konnect app, you are able to connect remotely to your bathtub, shower, toilet, mirror, and faucet. Here are some of the key benefits of the app:

  • Personalization: With the Kohler Konnect app you can set and save presets for your favorite bathroom fixtures. This is especially useful if you share a bathroom with a spouse or significant other. With the DTV+ shower system you can personalize the water temperature, sprays, music, and lighting. The PerfectFill tub allows you to set the depth and temperature of water in your bathtub, and with the Verdara mirror you save lighting preferences. 
  • Voice Control: With voice control, simply say the words, and your toilet will flush, your faucet fills a bottle with the right amount of water, your shower begins, and your bathtub will fill to your desired depth. With Amazon Alexa integration, you can also access other features such as your email, music, and local news and weather. 
  • Monitoring: Most Kohler Konnect enabled products also feature sensors that help you monitor your water usage and identify potential leaks.  

What products will feature Kohler Konnect™?

Kohler plans to launch a number of Kohler Konnect enabled products throughout 2018, leading with the Verdara Voice Lighted Mirror. This innovative mirror is the first to have Amazon's Alexa integrated into the unit, enabling the use of voice control to dim and brighten lights, and enable you to leverage standard Alexa apps such as listening to music, accessing emails, or get the local weather. 

Kohler is also launching a version of its Numi toilet with Kohler Konnect, expanding upon the current smart toilet benefits of automatic cleaning, heated seat, foot warmer, and integrated bidet. With Amazon Alexa voice control, you can use your voice to flush the toilet, lift the seat, and play your favorite music. 

The DTV+ Digital Shower System will let you personalize your shower experience by saving your preferences for water temperature, steam, body sprays, music and lighting. Once you've set your preferences, simply say "start my shower" and everything will turn on just as you desired. For your bathtub, Kohler is launching PerfectFill, that lets you set preferences for water temperature and depth. While you are driving home, you can simply start your bath from your app via voice control, and have a nice warm bath waiting for you. 

Finally, the Sensate kitchen faucet is the first Amazon Alexa enabled faucet, that allows you to use your voice to ask the faucet to fill a pot with a specific amount of water. 

Kohler Konnect is the first substantial advancement for smart tech for the bathroom. It is too early to know if and when additional products will be offered with Kohler Konnect or if Kohler will extend these options to some of their other brands like Kallista and Robern.

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