A Guide to Glass Shower Door Options

Heather Asiyanbi - 2/21/18 9:00 AM

Whether you’re doing a complete renovation of your bathroom or you’re just looking to make an update to your shower, choosing the right shower door is a big decision that can bring your entire bath together.

While it may seem like a clear choice, the decision can get a little cloudy when you realize there are dozens of glass shower door options. With a few distinct door types and countless glass finishes that can help you achieve the look you’re after, this breakdown of glass shower doors will help guide you toward a beautiful bath with an elegant glass finish that suits you best.

Shower Door Types

The type of shower door that you choose will largely depend on what will best accommodate your bathroom. The most common door types are sliding doors, round doors, and hinge/pivot, each with their own unique attributes:

Sliding Doors

- Two to three panels set in tracks on the top and bottom that slide alongside one another

- Great for baths and large showers with wide openings

- Versatile and space saving

Round Doors

- Usually opens inward

- Most commonly in standalone corner showers

- The round shape provides a bit more room inside the shower


- Can accommodate small shower spaces where a sliding door can’t open wide enough

- Usually openings are 36” to 48” inches wide

- Requires additional space between the shower and nearby fixtures

Before you choose one of these shower door types, you’ll need to take some careful measurements (always take measurements after all other renovation is complete, such as tiling or stonework). The door you choose must align with the heighth and width of your shower.

Shower Door Designs

After you’ve meticulously measured your shower dimensions, you can start thinking about the kind of design or finish you want for your door. Luckily, there are a number of options to complement your interior decor for the perfect look.


- It’s simple, but sophisticated

- Provides a timeless look that can showcase tile or stonework

- Goes great with almost any style


- Options such as blue, gray, light brown, and many more

- Can be a real statement piece in bathrooms

- Various color options allow you to get the perfect match for your theme


- Comes in various patterns like waterfall, bubbled, autumn leaves, and many more

- Provides a bit more privacy than clear glass

- Adds a unique visual interest to bathrooms without distracting from other design elements


- Provides more privacy than other glass shower doors

- The glass can be partially frosted, allowing for interesting designs such as stripes

- Easier to maintain than clear glass


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