Houzer vs Barclay vs Rohl Fire Clay Sinks

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/20/18 10:11 PM

Fire clay sinks are the most durable kitchen sinks available for your kitchen. Fire clay sinks also look gorgeous and stand up to the use and abuse of the busiest room in your home. Three manufacturers: Houzer, Barclay and Rohl all offer fire clay sinks in a variety of sizes and colors, giving you the freedom to bring your perfect remodel vision to life.


Houzer Platus Fire Clay Kitchen SinkFire clay kitchen sinks from Houzer are manufactured during a process that combines centuries-old technique with modern technology. Houzer sinks use a blend of clay slip that is molded and then hand-brushed and sponged before being fired at 2,200 degrees to create the glass-like finish that marks a fire clay kitchen sink.

All Houzer fire clay sinks come with a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking and scratching. Prices start around $1,200.


Barclay Undermount Fire Clay Kitchen Sink

Fire clay sinks from Barclay are available in a number of sizes and shapes. What's unique about Barclay is that in addition to more traditionally sized kitchen sinks, they also offer a 9-inch rectangular fixture that would make a great bar/prep sink to complement a larger kitchen sink like a double-basin apron-front sink.

Barclay fire clay sinks are available as single basin or double-basin sinks with 50/50 and 60/40 configurations so you can more easily customize your primary kitchen work and clean-up space to work best for you. Prices for a Barclay fire clay sink start at $500 for the bar/prep sink and at $1,250 for a more standard sized kitchen sink.


Rohl Shaw Fire Clay KItchen Sink

In an independent review of porcelain and fire clay sinks, Yale Appliance noted that a fire clay sink, while it is virtually impossible to chip, will show white if damaged and can be repaired. Yale noted, in particular, that Rohl includes a repair kit with its sinks so you'll have the tools you need at hand should the almost impossible happen.

Rohl fire clay sinks originate in parts of Europe known for their exceptional pottery and ceramic work; the British midlands, he Limoges region of France, northern Italy and parts of Germany as well. Adding a Rohl fire clay sink to your kitchen is a nod to European craftsmanship based on centuries of tradition, and pricing reflects its luxurious roots. Sinks start at $900 and can run as high as $4,500.

Decision Time

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a fire clay kitchen sink; they are gorgeous, durable and virtually indestructible. You will need to be sure your base cabinets are reinforced to support a fire clay's considerable weight, but if you can absorb the heftier price tag, you won't be disappointed.

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