How Much Light Do You Need in Your Bathroom?

Heather Asiyanbi - 1/2/19 12:57 PM

Whether it's with a warm bath after a long day or a hot shower to start your morning, the bathroom is where you’ll want to relax and unwind so having the perfect lighting is essential. Since you spend some of life's most important moments in your bathroom, you’ll want not only enough illumination, but beautiful light fixtures that speak to your style and personality while also helping you put your best face forward every day.

Start with the Vanity and Ceiling

Proper lighting by your mirror is important because of how much you rely on them to apply makeup or shave. A pair of sconces mounted at eye level on each side of the mirror provides shadow-less illumination, which is perfect for shaving, makeup application and dental care. Overhead lighting casts shadows, which you’ll want to avoid.

Also think about the ceiling lighting, which provides general illumination throughout the room.

Ceiling lighting is also the perfect opportunity for a statement piece. It’s a necessary fixture in any bathroom but is often overlooked design-wise. You need to have it, so make sure it’s beautiful.

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For a Spa-Like Experience, Install Dimmers

For complete control over your lighting, install dimmers.

In a small bathroom, dimming the vanity fixtures can serve as both ambient and accent lighting.

Dimmers can also conserve energy. While the total savings depends on the dim level, one light dimmed just 10 percent will last twice as long as a bulb at full brightness.

Controlling the level of brightness means you can easily see when grooming with the lights at their brightest, but you can also relax in a steamy shower or bubble bath with the lights are dimmed.

Now, you can easily turn your bathroom into a spa with a simple switch.

Light Your Shower and Tub

Remember to place a light above your shower and tub.

The extra light makes bathing a better, safer experience for everyone no matter their age.

If you have a short tub, you can get away with one light, but longer tubs  - greater than 60 inches - should have an overhead light above each end.

Get Creative with Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the light that fills the bathroom, normally provided by the ceiling light. It serves as a fill-in for natural light, and if you don’t have windows in your bathroom, the ambient lighting is vital.

You need enough light to make grooming easy and bathing safer, as well as light to accent beautiful features in the room. Mix and match metals, your style with its polar opposite; really, you can inject a ton of personality into your bathroom through your primary light fixture

Highlight special features

You can get creative with accent lighting by installing cove lighting, which is rope lights hidden behind a molding dropped several inches below ceiling height. This adds a lovely glow around the perimeter of your room.

A small spotlight above a piece of decorative art or a beautiful powder room basin  can also create another layer of light in the bathroom.

Your bathroom is your room of relaxation, and lighting plays a large role in that. Invest in your lighting because it really does impact how beautiful your bathroom is.

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