How to Choose a Bathroom Sink

Heather Asiyanbi - 3/19/18 11:00 AM

Before choosing a bathroom sink, there are some steps homeowners need to think through prior to shopping; installation, material and overall style. The bathroom sink is arguably one of the most utilized items in the house, and it needs to stand up to years of use without losing any of its good looks.

The good news for buyers is that there have never been so many styles, colors, materials and configurations to look at, but having that many choices can also be overwhelming. Here are the questions to answer before shopping:

Installation Basics

Before shopping for a sink, it’s best to have the vanity already chosen so homeowners know which mounting style they need; drop-in, vessel, or undermount. Or, if there isn’t a vanity, will the choice be a pedestal or wall-mounted option?

A drop-in sink is the most popular because installation is the least fussy while a vessel sink makes the biggest fashion statement while an undermount bathroom sink helps keep clean-up easy and maximizes counter space.

Pedestal sinks can also make a splash because its profile can be classic, modern, transitional, or somewhere in between. A wall-mounted sink can also command a fair share of attention. Both are good choices for smaller bathrooms where square footage is at a premium.

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It’s also important to note how many faucet holes have been drilled into the sink. For wall-mounted faucets, the sink won’t have holes, but most sinks – including those included with a vanity – have either one or three holes already drilled.

Material Matters

Sink shopping must take into account the material used to fabricate the sink. While there are more material choices than listed here, buyers choose from these five options most often:

Stainless Steel – Classic, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting, the stainless steel sink can be both industrial and traditional at the same time. 

Porcelain – Popular because of an almost unlimited list of color options, porcelain can fit into every style by either standing out as an unexpected detail or by seamlessly complementing your overall design scheme.

Cast Iron – This household stalwart endures for a reason; because it lasts forever and its enamel coating requires little maintenance. Enameled cast iron bathroom sinks can fit into any style. They're also on the heavier side, so you may have to provide a little extra support. 

Composite – Though gaining in popularity because it stands up well to nicks and scratches, composite bathroom sinks can also require special maintenance. On the other hand, composite sinks are available in modern shapes that can take a bathroom from "meh" to "marvelous."

Glass – Clean, modern, sleek and stylish, a glass bathroom sink is a flair for the dramatic and can come in clear, with a hint of color, waved, textured, and smooth.

Choosing your Faucet

When you choose your bathroom faucet, you need to be sure the arc and height of the neck of your faucet will work with your sink to reduce splash outside the borders of the sink. A good rule to follow: the higher the arc, the deeper the basin, and this holds true whether you choose a vessel sink and faucet or an under mount sink and wall-mount faucet

An angled faucet that extends a little further over the sink can be paired with a more shallow basin; the shorter the distance the water has to travel, the less likely you'll have a splashy mess to clean off your countertop.

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