Kohler vs Delta Pull-down Faucets: 4 Things for You to Consider

Heather Asiyanbi - 5/23/18 10:04 PM

Pull-down kitchen faucets are the top-selling kitchen faucet on the market and for good reason. The pull-down spray head offers spray options to help make your meal prep and clean-up go faster with less mess, docking systems that virtually eliminate the chance your sprayer will turn into an unattractive dangler, easy-to-clean spray heads, and touch and touchless technology. Top faucet brands Kohler and Delta have continued to improve over the years not just how their kitchen faucets look but also how they perform. Here's how their pull-down faucets stack up against each other.

Spray Options

Kohler's collections of pull-down kitchen faucets - for both their manual and touchless faucets - offer spray options you can toggle between with buttons conveniently located on the spray head of the faucet. In addition to its stream spray for everyday rinsing, Kohler recently introduced its SweepSpray technology, a row of angled nozzles that create a blade of water to quickly clean gooey messes off dishes and straight into the drain without a lot of splash.

Delta's pull-down kitchen faucets have a patented water shield - ShieldSpray - that surrounds a sharp stream of water to quickly and effectively rinse stuck-on stickiness without creating more splash for you to clean up after you're done cleaning up. Delta also integrates buttons on faucet spray heads for smooth, one handed operation.

Docking Systems

There are few things more unattractive in a kitchen than a dangling pull-down faucet. Both Kohler and Delta utilize magnetic docking systems to keep spray heads in place.

Kohler's DockNetik magnets are located within the faucet body to both guide your faucet spray head into place when you're done using it and to hold it securely in place. 

If you have a Delta kitchen faucet, you are most likely enjoying its MagnaTite docking system. Delta also uses a magnet that snaps your spray head into place and holds it securely. 

Easy cleaning

Hard water can take its toll on even the best-crafted kitchen faucet. Both Kohler and Delta have spray heads that help minimize the amount of time you need to spend keeping your faucet clean and free from clogs. All you'll need for either one is a clean, damp cloth.

Kohler kitchen faucets feature the MasterClean Spray Face while Delta offers Touch Clean technology; just wipe a clean, damp cloth across the surface of your pull-down spray head to keep it free from hard water deposits and other ick and working efficiently.

Touch or touchless

Choosing between a touchless or a touch faucet boils down to whether or not you want truly hands-free operation.

Kohler's touchless kitchen faucets include sensors on the underside of the spout and on the base. You only need to wave your hand or place a glass or pot under the faucet for water to flow. Smart sensors know when you're working in the area, eliminating the worry that your faucet will just turn on and off with the slightest movement.

Delta's Touch 2-0 Technology has been around for years and sparked something of a revolution in kitchen faucet technology. Instead of using your dirty hands to operate your faucet, you only need to use the back of your wrist or your elbow to touch the neck of your kitchen faucet to turn it on and off. Delta's touch technology uses your body's natural capacitance - electricity - and can tell the difference between a touch and a grab.

Decision time

Kohler and Delta offer some of the best pull-down kitchen faucets on the market, so your decision will most likely come down to the touchless or touch feature and price. Kohler faucets tend to cost a little more than Delta; $500 for a Kohler touchless faucet vs $325 for a Delta touch faucet.

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