Kraus' Dex Sink Delivers on Promise to Eliminate Standing Water

Heather Asiyanbi - 5/23/18 11:00 AM

While we'd all love kids and spouses who rinse their dishes and put them in the dishwasher, the reality at the end of the day is often a sink full of dishes. When too many plates, bowls, cups and pieces of silverware pile up, they block your sink drain which results in stinky standing water. The Dex series of stainless steel sinks from Kraus USA includes innovative channels that allow water to drain out of the sink even when its full of dishes.


>Drain Water Away

While the new Dex series of stainless steel kitchen sinks from Kraus include three drains so you can create a truly custom look that also functions perfectly, the real star of the sink is the design. The Dex series drain is positioned in the back and every sink slopes back from the front with a waterway to direct water into the drain no matter how many dishes fill the bowl, you'll never again have standing water in your sink.

All Dex series sinks include three drain options:

  • VersiDrain - Looks and works like a traditional strainer that traps food and debris.
  • FlipCap - Fits on top of the VersiDrain to hide plumbing fittings for a cleaner look.
  • DrainAssure - Sleek and seamless cover hides your drain but allows water drainage.

Germ-Fighting Steel

Keeping your kitchen as clean and germ-free is important, so Kraus used T304Plus stainless steel and enhanced it with antibacterial properties. In addition to helping you keep your sink mildew-free and cleaner overall, your sink's finish will also longer without annoying and unattractive spots of discoloration.

Most often you won't find antibacterial properties in a metal sink unless you're installing a copper kitchen sink. Kraus taking the extra step to infuse their T304Plus stainless steel with properties that help fight off a myriad of germs will help keep you and your family healthier.

Virtually Indestructible

Your kitchen sink is part of the centerpiece of your kitchen. No only should it last for years, it should also look amazing. Kraus uses TRU16-Gauge stainless steel - the thickest and strongest steel on the market - for its Dex series of kitchen sinks because they know you need year of virtually worry-free use. TRU16 won't chip or crack.

Even better? The Dex series also includes foil layer technology to protect your cabinets from any potential condensation.

Keep It Down

In addition to using the thickest steel on the market to manufacture the Dex series, Kraus has also added a superior sound-dampening layer so noise from meal prep and clean up stays in the kitchen.

Kraus' patented NoiseDefend technology is an extra-thick layer of rubber molded around the sink to absorb noise and vibration, keeping kitchen tasks contained to the one room instead of disturbing family watching TV in the living room or kids doing homework at the dining room table.

All-in-all, the Dex series of kitchen sinks from Kraus will give you years of use, standing up for years to the use and abuse you and your family dish out on a daily basis.

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