Kraus vs Elkay: Reduce Noise In Your Kitchen With A Sound Dampening Sink

Heather Asiyanbi - 8/28/18 11:00 AM

Sound-dampening stainless steel kitchen sinks help keep the noise associated with cooking, cleaning, and crafts to a minimum. This relatively new technology was specifically designed for stainless steel kitchen sinks because while this kitchen stalwart looks great and is easy to maintain, it can also be really noisy. Kraus and Elkay have earned their reputations for providing high quality, high-end sinks for the residential market. Here's how their sound-dampening efforts compare.

Kraus NoiseDefend™

Marketed as NoiseDefend Technology, Kraus has used noise-reduction pads on more than 80 percent of the underside of their sinks. By using an extra-thick layer of rubber, running water and the clang of dishes won't echo beyond the kitchen.

Kraus has also implemented a patented foil layer that aids NoiseDefend™. This Sound Barrier Technology further reduces noise and helps prevent condensation that can ultimately damage your cabinetry.

Browse Kraus Sound Dampening Sinks

Located in Port Washington, NY, Kraus has a team of in-house designers who recently introduced the Dex series of sinks, touted by Kraus to not just be the quietest sinks on the market but to also not clog.

Elkay Sound Guard®

For the last 98 years, Elkay has been designing and manufacturing sinks for both the commercial and residential markets, evolving designs and features to meet the demands of savvy shoppers.

Browse Elkay Sound Dampening Sinks

Their Sound Guard® technology is a patented sound-dampening system utilizing pads positioned on the exterior underside that reduces noise, vibration and condensation. Additionally, Sound Guard also helps keep warm the soapy water you're using to wash dishes.

Which Sound Dampening Sink Do You Need?

Both Kraus and Elkay offer a nice line of stainless steel sinks using high-grade materials that will last for years and stand up to the use and abuse of daily life. Pricing for the most popular size — 30 to 33 inches — of single basin, undermount kitchen sinks ranges from $400 to $1,500 for Elkay and $530 to $1,100 for Kraus.

Where Kraus might make you feel more comfortable is the amount of information available about their sound-dampening technologies; the company goes into more detail about what you can expect from their efforts. Elkay is a company with an almost 100-year history and a solid reputation among homeowners and professionals alike, and that might be good enough for you.

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