Luxury Bathroom Faucets: KALLISTA vs Brizo

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/20/18 7:00 AM

KALLISTA and Brizo are well-known, respected brands because of their beautifully designed bathroom faucets that feature superior functionality and reliability. The KALLISTA brand lives under the Kohler umbrella, a powerhouse in the plumbing industry, and Brizo is the luxury line of faucets for Delta, inventors of the revolutionary Touch technology. Despite many similarities, there are a few points that differentiate the two lines.


Distinctive design is the hallmark of high-fashion, luxury faucets, and you'll find plenty of examples from both KALLISTA and Brizo. Both brands boast award-winning designs from both staff and outside inspiration.

KALLISTA Tuxedo by Barbara Barry

In addition to its talented creative staff, KALLISTA utilizes the talents of artists and architects with national and international reputations for design, for example: 

  • Laura Kirar is an interior and product designer whose work has been featured in House Beautiful and Time magazine. She is the principal designer of KALLISTA's Pinna Paletta bathroom collection.
  • Barbara Barry dresses up your bathroom through her use of minimalist principles and architectural details in collections like Counterpoint and Tuxedo.
  • Bjark Ingels is an architect based in Denmark who focuses on sustainable buildings. His Taper collection for KALLISTA combines architectural elements with a distinctive urban feel.

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Brizo, on the other hand, prefers a more fashion-forward approach. "Fashion isn’t just about clothes; rather, fashion is a lifestyle," the brand website proclaims

Jason Wu by Brizo

While Brizo also utilizes an in-house design department, it's hallmark collection is designed by renowned fashion designer Jason Wu. His 2018 spring collection was referred to as a "jewel" by Women's Wear Daily for both his inspiration and his execution. With Brizo, Wu uses his considerable expertise and passion for shapes to meld fashion and function in a suite of bathroom products that includes lavatory faucets, tub fillers, shower components and accessories.

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Both KALLISTA and Brizo utilize metal and brass components inside their faucets, giving you peace of mind that your faucet will perform as expected with virtually no issues for years to come. You'll also find ceramic disc valves inside KALLISTA and Brizo faucets that provide the longevity you expect from a luxury faucet.

Where Brizo might come out ahead is the integration of Delta's innovative Touch .xT technology under the name SmartTouchPlus. Brizo fixtures with SmartTouchPlus can be operated with a simple touch, a wave of your hand or manually. More, the technology is available in a number of styles so you'll find a faucet no matter if your style is traditional, transitional or contemporary.


Because luxury faucets like KALLISTA and Brizo are designed for and crafted of superior materials, you expect to pay more. KALLISTA bathroom faucet prices range from $750 for a two-handle widespread faucet to almost $2,000 for a wall-mount faucet.

What KALLISTA offers that Brizo does not, though, is an array of handle options in a myriad shapes made from a variety of materials like crystal (in a variety of colors), ceramic (in both black and white), enamel, and even with semi-precious stones embedded. Having the option to truly customize accounts for KALLISTA's higher price point.

Brizo faucets come in a number of finishes and in styles to bring the vision you have for your bathroom to life. And while is some flexibility available to you - the Providence, for example, has handle options - for the most part, Brizo has done the mixing and matching for you.

Pricing for Brizo faucets comes in considerably lower than KALLISTA; from $350 to $750. 

Decision Time

Nebraska-based StarCraft Custom Builders independently reviewed both KALLISTA and Brizo faucets and ranked them about the same; 7.5 out of a possible 10. They did note that while KALLISTA is designed and manufactured at Kohler's U.S. plants, including the primary location in Kohler, WI, Brizo is mostly assembled and finished at its high-tech plant in Jackson, TN, but gets many of its components from overseas.

Whether you choose a KALLISTA or a Brizo bathroom faucet, you're adding a high-quality, high-end fixture to your bathroom. If price isn't much of a concern, and you like having the option to customize your faucet, KALLISTA might be the better choice for you. But, if you appreciate incorporating technology into your bathroom faucet with plenty of high-fashion styles in your choice of finishes, then Brizo is the brand for you.

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