Magnetic Shower Heads: Delta In2ition vs. Moen Magnetix

Heather Asiyanbi - 7/19/18 6:00 AM

In order to get water exactly where you want it, you need a detachable shower head. Whether it’s for cleaning your shower, bathing a child, washing a beloved pet or massaging sore muscles, a handheld shower head is the perfect accessory.

Detachable shower heads are available from most major brands, but two of the leading products include the Delta In2ition and Moen Magnetix.

Perfect Docking Every Time

Magnets make it easy to remove and return these shower heads - even when you have soap in your eyes. The Moen Magnetix shower head guarantees easy release and docking every time, thanks to a strong magnetic base; securing the handheld is literally a snap. The In2ition also features a magnetic base courtesy of Delta’s MagnaTite docking technology, which precisely locks the shower head into its base.

Water Pressure and Warmth

Both the Delta and the Moen models provide accurate temperature controls and the flexibility to change water settings without compromising warmth. The Moen Magnetix comes with dial or button controls and six spray settings - from massage spray to full-rinse. The Delta In2ition lets you switch from full shower flow to trickle mode, ideal for lathering and shaving.

Detachable Functions

Unlike the Magnetix, Delta's In2ition shower head can be used three different ways:

  • The entire shower head can remain attached to the base
  • The center of the shower head can be removed to serve as a handheld shower
  • The handheld shower can be removed while both it and the head attached to the base spray water together.
The ability to choose which piece of your shower runs water as you attach and detach from the base is a defining characteristic of the In2ition.

Using Less Water to Create the Same Pressure

Both the Moen and Delta magnetic shower heads deliver strong pressure while using less water, but the In2ition has science on its side. Delta’s H2Okinetic spray option sculpts water into a special wave pattern, delivering three-times the coverage over a standard shower. The resulting wave pattern is a dense, concentrated spray, which feels like more water, more warmth, and, even better, more relaxation.

Decision Time

The Delta In2ition and Moen Magnetix magnetic shower heads are both exceptional products. However, with Delta, you can seamlessly have both a shower head and a handheld shower in one piece. Delta’s unique spray patterns that provide a soaking spray without using more water also gives it an edge.

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