MatteStone by VIGO: Versatile Sinks for Kitchen and Bath

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When it comes to selecting your ideal bathroom or kitchen sink, you won't have to choose between a sink of enduring quality or aesthetic appeal. Natural stone sinks are a great combination of both, but they can be pricey and require more maintenance than you have time. VIGO listened to customer concerns and developed MatteStone™, a composite designed to look and feel like carved, polished stone.

VIGO’s MatteStone™ is a durable PMMA composite designed to look and feel like stone molded as a seamless piece. The conception for MatteStone was largely born out of a desire to find a product that offered the appeal of a stone sink, without the heavy maintenance.

The innovation behind the MatteStone™ recently won VIGO a place in the 2018 Architizer A+ Awards for its sink and faucet combo set.

So, what is it that gives this sink an edge over others in its category?

VIGO MatteStone CoreFireclay sinks are crafted of clay and coated with a porcelain exterior. While fireclay is durable, it can chip and crack and even suffer damage from just tightening the flange one turn too many during installation. Likewise, an enamel-coated cast iron sink can develop cracks that show the dark core underneath. MatteStone, by comparison, is a solid surface, so it can stand up the daily use and abuse of the busiest room in your house, never displaying anything other than its smooth, white surface.


MatteStone sinks are designed with a minimalist façade to complement any style, no matter if you're choosing a new sink for your kitchen or a bathroom. All the sinks are white, which could feel stark but instead creates a perfect neutral that matches perfectly with faucets in any finish. 

VIGO MatteStone Bathroom SinkIn the bathroom, MatteStone has been molded into a number of shapes; soft square for a versatile transitional room, oval for something a little more contemporary, and an asymmetrical taper for a more modern aesthetic. 



VIGO MatteStone Kitchen SinkMatteStone™ sinks for the kitchen are farmhouse style and are available with two exteriors; smooth and fluted for more flexible options. The flat-front design includes some subtle details that bring the traditional firmly into the 21st Century while the slotted front is a nod to the past with firm footing in the present.



When conceptualizing the idea for this innovative product VIGO’s CEO, Lenny Valdberg, wanted to create a product that married the durability of a natural stone sink with the sleek external façade of a classic porcelain coated sink.

He found the solution in a unique glass PMMA composite. MattStone sinks are comprised of this resilient PMMA, molded into a seamless piece.

Texture is key to the MatteStone’s appeal. One the composite is sculpted into shape it is then polished by hand to render a velvety finish that is smooth to the touch.


MatteStone sinks raise the bar for endurance standards. The integrity of the material warrants less maintenance:

  • Any blemish can be gently buffed away with sandpaper.
  • The non-porous surface hinders bacteria growth, making MatteStone™ hygienic in all installation spaces.
  • The material is also corrosion resistant and fire retardant, guaranteed to remain resilient over years of regular use.  


Other sinks of this size and style can cost you between $500 and $1,200 for kitchen sinks and $100 to $300 for bathroom sinks. VIGO’s MatteStone sinks usually come in at $649, and $179, respective, making MatteStone a great option for any budget.

**This article was submitted by VIGO.

Meghan IngrahamMeghan Elise Ingraham is a copywriter and creative content strategist based in New York, NY. She has been writing and editing digital content professionally for over 3 years after earning her BA in English Literature and International Relations from the University of Vermont.


Anna BlinovaAnna Blinova is the Art Director of VIGO’s New York office. Since joining VIGO Anna’s rebranding efforts, together with VIGO’s creative team, contributed to VIGO taking home first place at the 2018 Architizer A+ Awards, one of the most well-known architecture and design publishers in the world.

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