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Friends of Hausera - 11/23/18 3:00 PM

VIGO’s commitment to future-forward design and function are perfectly embodied by the sleek, ultra-modern Oakhurst Pull-Down Faucet. Designed with simple lines and a large curved single-spout neck, the solid-brass Oakhurst stands over a foot tall, towering over a range of kitchen sinks to fit countless décor options and styles. The versatile unit features a bold matte black finish that creates dramatic, artful contrasts against most color schemes and adds dimension to muted walls and countertops. What’s more, this groundbreaking faucet model is packed with practical features like an integrated LED that simplify kitchen projects and make everyday tasks easier, even for those with limited abilities.

Unsurprisingly, kitchen appliances equipped with integrated LEDs have become staples tin more American homes. When was the last time you saw a new refrigerator without a light? The Oakhurst's sloping spout head is equipped with a super-bright white LED, a design challenge we tackled through several rounds of prototypes and testing. The largest challenge to overcome was the integration of this carefully-positioned LED, which had to be bright enough to be truly useful, while simultaneously remaining as subtle as possible - preferably unnoticed until it had to be used. We eventually landed on the model you see now, with its tiny, super-bright and discreetly recessed light. Thanks to this design, the Oakhurst is highly functional and still slim and unobtrusive enough to coordinate with almost any sink and overall design style.

What makes the Oakhurst LED faucet truly unique is that you won't need to worry about replacing batteries because the LED is powered by the water that runs through the faucet. Without the need for batteries, this sustainable and eco-friendly feature grants the faucet unparalleled convenience for users of all abilities, even making it easier to cook in low lighting. Choosing an innovative LED-enhanced model like the Oakhurst eliminates the stress of fumbling in the dark, straining to reach the sink from different heights, and the difficulty of multitasking on busy kitchen days. Aside from its distinct, adaptable design, this is one faucet that is built to make your life easier. It is rendered fully ADA-compliant thanks to its single-handle build, and conforms to CEC Title 20, a mandatory flow restriction for all California residents aimed at conserving drinking water. This is a model that owners will be proud to grow old with, knowing it will still be as reliable decades from now s as on the day you first installed it.

Many family households prefer faucet models like the Oakhurst partly due to its sleek, low-profile aesthetic, but its ease of access is what really sets this model apart from other kitchen faucets. Like all VIGO faucets, the Oakhurst is crafted with usability and convenience in mind; its distinct pull-down design offers 360° of swiveling power and an extra 25 inches of flexible hosing to assist with cleaning and cooking. A high-pressured stream helps you remove caked-on food in seconds and can also be used to quickly fill tall vases and large pots.  

There’s more to VIGO’s matte black finish than meets the eye. This exclusive finish is electroplated seven times over for durability and full protection against tarnishing, corrosion, and mineral buildup from daily wear. Such careful attention to detail guarantees durability and a picture-perfect finish for years to come. The unit also easily wipes down without the need for chemical cleaners, rendering the Oakhurst a low-maintenance model and a great choice for families (and even a variety of commercial spaces).

**This article was submitted by VIGO

Anna Blinova is the Art Director of VIGO’s New York office. Since joining VIGO Anna’s rebranding efforts, together with VIGO’s creative team, contributed to VIGO taking home first place at the 2018 Architizer A+ Awards, one of the most well-known architecture and design publishers in the world.

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