Luxury Defined: Newport Brass vs Waterstone Kitchen Faucets

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/6/18 10:09 PM

Luxury kitchen faucet brands Newport Brass and Waterstone both offer pieces that will perform perfectly for years and look gorgeous at the same time. Both offer more than two dozen finish options as well as solid brass and stainless steel construction, and are based in California. On the surface, they seem very similar, but there are differences for you to consider.




Newport Brass offers, on average, almost 30 different finishes for its kitchen faucets. Traditional choices like polished chrome and brushed nickel are represented, but so is unlacquered brass (which patinas over time) antique copper, French gold, gunmetal and gloss black. A number of Newport Brass finishes are listed as PVD (physical vapor deposition), a process by which the molecules of the finish are bonded to the metal underneath. A PVD finish is heartier with superior resistance to tarnishing, discoloring, corrosion and scratching.

Waterstone offers 30 finishes on its faucets, too, including the recent introduction of classic bronze, a tone inspired by American history and a demand for a finish, "between the shine of a Satin Brass and the darker patina of a Antique Bronze," according to the company. Waterstone does not currently list any of its finishes as PVD.

Every finish at both Newport Brass and Waterstone is considered custom because your faucet isn't plated until you order it. If you choose one of these brands, your lead time could be up to six weeks so plan accordingly.


Newport Brass and Waterstone both offer faucets crafted of solid brass components. Water is hard on the inside of your kitchen faucet, and metal parts don't wear like less expensive materials. Using metal components gives you the security of knowing your faucet can stand up to the busiest room in your home. Waterstone's traditional styles are built from solid brass while its contemporary designs are crafted from solid stainless steel.

Made in America

Both Newport Brass and Waterstone faucets are assembled and plated in their separate facilities in California. Newport Brass has in-house designers who perfect every angle and curve on the faucets they sell. Manufacturing partners overseas fabricate the pieces which are then shipped to California. Newport Brass brings all the faucet components into their facility for plating and final assembly before shipping to customers.

Waterstone, though, also sources all the materials that go into its faucets — including the brass and stainless steel that compose the base of the company's entire line of kitchen faucets — from American suppliers. Most of the scrap metal from each faucet is then melted down and used to manufacture additional faucets, reducing the company's carbon footprint. More, Waterstone designs, engineers, manufacturers, plates and assembles its faucets at its plant in California.



As you can imagine, choosing a Newport Brass or Waterstone faucet comes with a price. Newport Brass faucet list prices tend to range from $700 to $2,000 while Waterstone's least expensive faucet starts with a list price of $1,400. The most expensive Waterstone faucet has a list price of $4,900.

Many Newport Brass kitchen faucets feature a side spray, but additional accessories like a soap/lotion dispenser or an air gap must be purchased separately.

Waterstone offers a suite of products that gives you the added convenience of one-stop shopping; your kitchen faucet, soap/lotion dispenser and both an air switch and air gap for your garbage disposal and dishwasher, respectively.

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