One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets: Choosing Between The Two

Heather Asiyanbi - 7/18/18 8:12 PM

One and two piece toilets are similar in many ways. They flush the same, they are installed in similar fashions, and they use about the same amount of water. But when comparing cleanliness, size and durability, one-piece toilets often come out ahead.



Because a one-piece toilet means the bowl and tank are a single unit, there are fewer gaps or crevasses where dirt and grime can hide. There will inevitably be spots on a two-piece toilet that are hard to reach and wipe down, allowing bacteria and other germs to thrive. One-piece toilets, on the other hand, make cleaning a breeze.

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While two-piece toilets remain the most popular choice for American bathrooms, a one-piece toilet may be the better option because they take up less space, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms.


A single-piece toilet has no joint between the tank and the bowl, so there are fewer exposed pipes and flushing elements. And, since one-piece toilets are better protected from outside elements like excess moisture, they tend to last longer. That said, if a crack does develop in your one-piece, the entire toilet would need to be replaced.


Price is often a major factor when choosing a new toilet. Two-piece toilets are generally less of an investment than one-piece toilets - and cost is often the biggest differentiator. One-piece toilets are more expensive and have a modern feel, but cost disparity really only occurs when comparing high-end models. In the long run, a one-piece toilet may pay off if you can stomach the upfront cost.

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Although two-piece toilets are a familiar site in most American bathrooms, one-piece toilets outperform in most respects. If you can afford to spend a little more on your new toilet, the one-piece is number one in our book.

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