Perfect Places for Pendant Lights

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/6/18 8:58 PM

Pendant lights are a functional, eye-catching accent for any room and have been around for years. Pendant lights have been gaining popularity because of their versatility and the wide range of styles available, and the good news is that pendant lights can be used in nearly every room in your home

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchens provide a number of options to integrate pendant lighting. Pendant lights are commonly seen above sinks, islands and kitchen tables to provide ample lighting where you need it the most. Above the sink kitchen pendant lighting is a popular location as it provides focused lighting to help you ensure your dishes are squeaky clean.

Progress Lighting Equinox Pendant Lights Above an IslandProgress Lighting Equinox Pendant Lights Above an Island
Featured Product: Progress Lighting Equinox Pendant Light

Island pendant lighting is excellent as a task lighting for cooking, homework and everything else that happens on your island.

Bathroom Pendant Lighting

While the use of pendant lighting in the kitchen has been popular for years, bathroom pendant lighting has become increasingly popular. Bathroom pendant lights provide both ambient (general) and accent lighting when you place them over vanities and cluster them over tubs.

Three Maxim Rondo One-Light Mini Pendants Over a VanityThree Maxim Rondo One-Light Mini Pendants Over a Vanity
Featured Product: Maxim Rondo One-Light Mini Pendant Light

Adding pendant lights above a vanity is a stylish alternative to traditional vanity lights.

Stairwells & Entryways

Pendant lights are great for stairwells and entryways because they can be adjusted to the perfect height to illuminate spaces where the ceiling is tall. By arranging a number of pendant lights close together at different heights you can create a striking alternative to ornate chandeliers or boring flush-mount ceiling lights.

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Pendant Light Installation Tips

Installing pendant lights is a fairly straightforward task but there are a few points homeowners should follow to get the most out of their pendant light fixtures:

  1. When used for task lighting, a pendant fixture should be open at the top to allow for a more balanced light beam. Otherwise, the downward beam could be too harsh.
  2. Pendant lights should hang 30 to 36 inches above the surface below; counters and tables alike.
  3. If being used for more general purpose lighting, pendants should be hung about 20 inches below an 8-foot ceiling. Add three inches for every foot of ceiling height.
  4. Don't forget the dimmer! Set pendants on a dimmer to control overall light output because there may be times when a full beam isn't needed or wanted.

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