The Most Popular Bathroom Colors Set To Trend in 2020

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When it comes to interior design trends, one of the most important elements is color. Color pulls a space together and defines a time period. Surely you can recall pastels in the 80s, or wallpapers in the 90s, or the neutral, earth-tones that are popular today.

When you are designing your home, you want it to be what you love. However, you also want it to be something that will age well. Nobody wants a space that is so trendy it looks dated within a few years. This isn’t good for resale value or your budget. To keep up, you’d have to be renovating your rooms consistently, and nobody wants to do that.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom right now, you want to look at what’s not only popular today, but what will be popular in the future. Right now, the very popular trend of white-on-white, clean and minimalistic is beginning to phase out. In its place, a deeper, more characteristic trend is taking place, especially for bathrooms and kitchens.

Here is a guide to designing your space with 2020 color trends in mind. 

Previously Trending Colors For Kitchens And Bathrooms

In the 1980's

In the 80s, the most popular colors for kitchens and bathrooms were subdued pastels, such as light pinks, greens, and yellows. Though the 80s is also known for neon colors and over-the-top styling, when it came to interior design, most people preferred a subdued yet colorful look.

In The 1990's

By the 90s, people were covering all of those pastels up with patterned wallpapers that were typically beige, a small floral, or any other type of subtle look. There was still some use of pastels in the 90s, but mostly, it phased out into nudes, tans, and beiges, with a pop of color here and there.

In the 2000's

By the 2000s, trendy colors were more futuristic and modern. Some homes were designed with just black and white tones, whereas others took on a bit of a more country-esque feel with accent walls that were a deep, red or burgundy, or dark brown. 

In the 2010's

In the 2010s, the popular colors became whites and greys, particularly when paired with other minimalistic or farmhouse-chic accessories. For bathrooms, subway tiles began to gain popularity, and in the later years, gold accents became popular as well.

What’s Next?

If you’re thinking about redesigning your bathroom and want it to be on-trend for many years to come, a number of designers and design professionals have shared their predictions for what will become popular, based on what’s beginning to trend right now.

First, for your 2020 bathroom, you should consider black as a base, black matte, metallic, and tile, as well as statement colors such as emerald green, burnt orange, or royal blue. Monotone color palettes will be popular as well.

Burnt Orange

Each year, paint companies such as Behr release their predictions for popular colors for the coming year. For 2020, Erika Woelfel, the Vice President of the company, shares that the trends will evoke “organic beauty” and play on preexisting trends of “traditional commercial work environments, renovated industrial offices and hospitality venues.”

Black or Charcoal

She explained: “While the hues are neutral enough for commercial spaces, they're also ideal for the home. "As residential and commercial trends continue to blend, this eclectic palette of balanced neutrals, earthy greens, lavish oranges and more will offer professional designers and DIYers an opportunity to transform spaces into experiences that not only enhance the aesthetic of an environment but impact how people feel.”

In another interview, designer Allison Petty shared with Elle Decor that she anticipates monochromatics will become more popular for bathrooms in particular. "We love a classic bathroom and think it's always on trend to have something that works for years to come. To keep it feeling modern we love using a monochromatic element throughout the whole space,” she said.

“For example, using all of one color or material (such as the color green or all marble tile) is a great way to achieve this, classic tile and motifs can be incorporated still but using all of one material creates a fun jewel box-like look to the space. You can still stay neutral and make it feel like something really special." 

Ways This Color Is Being Used In The Kitchen & Bathroom

Of course, just knowing what the popular colors will be and then implementing them are two very different things. Here are some ways to best incorporate the soon-to-be-popular colors into your design.

Use black as your main neutral

Instead of the white-on-white look that’s popular right now, try black-on-black. You can do this by selecting a black tile for the floor, or even around the shower. In addition, you can incorporate black cabinets or vanities and accessories to pull the entire space together.

Choose a monotone statement color

If black isn’t your thing, select a tone you love (such as emerald green, for example) and make it the base of your design. Choose emerald green tiles and cabinets, for example, but be sure that they are almost identical in tone.

Add bright accents

Mid-Century Modern design often looks best when paired with statement colors from the 50s-70s, such as mustard yellows and military greens, which will both be popular in the years to come. 

Why Black Is A Great Color Choice?

If you still weren’t completely sold on why a black base is the way to go for 2020 and onward, consider the following.

It accents marble well

Many marble countertops have hints of black or grey striations throughout, which makes it perfect to accessorize with other black items.

It creates a clean aesthetic

Black has the same effect that white does in that it gives a very cohesive, clean look to your space, while at the same time helping you keep it cleaner than white, which unfortunately shows just about everything that’s on it.

It creates depth and mood

Of course, black is more mysterious and even a little sexier than white, giving your home some added depth and character that others may not have. 

It makes a space feel more welcoming

Where light colors expand a space, darker colors make it feel smaller. In some cases, this is exactly what you want. When you have a room that you want to feel cozy, but that is very large, you might need to use darker shades to give it that homey feel you crave.

It’s stands out, feels unique 

Never before has so much black — particularly in a monotone design — been popular for homes. This gives your home a very unique, striking appearance, one that will certainly stand out among the rest and ensure that your space is memorable and interesting as well. 

Where Else Does Black Make Sense?

You can incorporate black accents pretty much anywhere in your home. Consider adding a statement wall to your foyer, a small hallway, your laundry room, or even in your bedroom, especially when you can add art or other statement pieces on top of the black wall. 

Throughout the years, neutral bases tend to always be popular, but what those bases are varies. It seems we are entering into a time when darker colors will reign supreme, and between looking chic and being easier to clean, it will be a great change overall.

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