Pull-Down vs Pull-Out vs Side Spray Kitchen Faucets

Wesley Ward - 3/6/18 7:54 PM

When you’re shopping for a kitchen faucet, you're all about the details; style, finish, how many holes you want, the reach of the spout and technology. Then, on top of all of that, you have to decide between three main kitchen faucet types: a pull-down, a pull-out, or a side spray. This article will break down the pros and cons of each to help you make a decision that will best suit you and your kitchen.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Pulldown Kitchen Faucet.jpgThe pull-down faucet typically offers the best aesthetic value and great utility – making it the most popular of the three options. The high-arching style makes for a beautiful fixture that’s best suited for spacious kitchens and home cooks who like to have the best tools at their fingertips.

While a clear favorite amongst those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there are pros and cons that you’ll want to be aware of when you start shopping:


  • The most ergonomic and easy-to-use style
  • High-arc design gives more clearance for large pots and pans
  • Perfect for those who have deep sinks and cook often and is the preferred model of professional chefs


  • If you don’t have enough space/clearance or if you don’t like the high arc style, a pull-down won’t be for you
  • Watch for brands that describe their docking system using some kind of magnet otherwise, you could find your faucet head dangling
  • The spray hose can be the shortest amongst all three faucet types 

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Pullout Kitchen Faucet.jpgThe pull-out faucet doesn’t provide the same "Wow" factor of its pull-down counterpart, but it’s still a great option for kitchens where space is at a premium or if you prefer extra versatility. While design options are somewhat limited, the pull-out faucet can be more durable and oftentimes is more affordable.


This option has its own advantages and disadvantages that may affect your final decision:


  • Perfect for kitchens with limited space because the spout is generally much smaller and without a high arc
  • Typically a longer spray hose that allows you to fill pots and pans on the counter
  • Reduces splashes because of the added flexibility


  • Doesn’t usually offer the same ergonomic options of the pull-down
  • Not ideal for filling tall pots or pitchers
  • Design and style options are a bit limited

Side Spray Kitchen Faucet

Side Spray Kitchen Faucet.jpgA kitchen faucet with a side spray is a more traditional option that provides an additional utility for sink setups without a pull-down or pull-out faucet. The side spray is mounted adjacent to either side of the faucet where it can be utilized using a trigger-like action. This option is great for kitchens that are styled in a more vintage tone or for those who prefer a handy squirt gun-like spray hose.


  • The most versatile spray hose of the three options because of its standalone position
  • The side spray is generally available with all faucets, giving you the choice to add a spray hose to your faucet setup even if a built-in option isn’t available
  • Can be installed on either side of the faucet to accommodate your kitchen setup


  • Requires an extra hole in your countertop
  • May have less pressure than a built-in spray hose
  • Makes use of a trigger mechanism that can sometimes create an awkward grip or position

With three distinct kitchen faucet types and hundreds of colors, finishes, and styles to choose from, the options may seem limitless. Don’t worry, though! The perfect faucet is out there for you, and hopefully the pros and cons listed above have helped make your decision a bit easier.


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