What Are Sound-Dampening Kitchen Sinks?

Heather Asiyanbi - 8/22/18 2:32 PM

Kitchens are the bustling epicenter of the home, and with all that activity comes a lot of noise. Between the cacophony of busy lives, cooking, and cleaning, do you really need the additional sounds of dishes clanging in the sink and the echo of running water? Sound-dampening stainless steel kitchen sinks can be the answer you need.

The clash of pots and pans and the grinding of the garbage disposal can be very disruptive. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a good way to eliminate this problem - until recently. New sound-dampening technology reduces noise, which means a quieter, more peaceful kitchen, making prep and meal time a far more enjoyable experience.

Sound-Dampening Sink Technology

Companies like Kohler and Kraus have their own patented noise-reducing technology, but they all have one thing in common: the pads.

A soundproof sink has small pads on the outside of the sink that are not visible to the user. These pads absorb the vibrations of running water as well as items thrown into the basin.

Kohler utilizes technology originally used by the automotive industry to quiet engines and rattling cars. Kohler's sound dampening pads reduce the vibrations from silverware, pots and pans and also minimize noise from the garbage disposal.

Meanwhile, the Dex stainless steel sinks from Kraus claim to be the quietest sinks on the market, incorporating extra-thick rubber sound dampening pads.

Moen’s SoundSHIELD™ technology is a bit different. Moen sprays a special coating on the bottom of their sinks for noise reduction. This coating performs like noise reducing pads by absorbing the vibrations of clattering pots, pans and utensils.

The Benefits of a Quiet Kitchen Sink

You don’t realize how beneficial a quiet kitchen sink is until you have one.

With sink noise reduction, you can wash dishes without waking up kids during naptime or a sleeping significant other. Meal prep time is also far less disruptive to the entire household.

These quiet sink kitchens reduce chaos in the kitchen, and, since they are stainless steel, they hold up to wear and tear. Plus, their shiny finish is perfect for contemporary kitchens.

So, Do You Need a Quiet Sink?

If the sink you’re looking at includes sound dampening technology, that’s a definite plus.

Shop sound dampening sinks

There aren’t any downsides to having a quieter sink, so if you’re torn between a sink with noise reduction and one without, even if the price is different, opt for the quieter sink.

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