Mirror, Mirror... Smart Innovations for Your Medicine Cabinet

Wesley Ward - 4/17/18 4:00 PM

Your phone isn't the only thing getting smarter. You probably have a smart TV, smart speakers, maybe even a smart refrigerator; appliances you control with your phone or through voice commands using WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There are some smart technologies designed for your bathroom, too, including for your medicine cabinet. Additionally, there are some innovations that should become everyday luxury.

Voice Commands

Kohler earlier this year introduced its Verdara voice-controlled medicine cabinets as part of its Kohler Konnect portfolio. Using Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you'll have the ability to turn on the integrated LED lights as well as choose how bright you want them, play and pause music, ask for the weather, check traffic reports and more, all without lifting a finger. 

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are a bathroom necessity, however it doesn’t take long for your stylish vanity area to look more like a busy electronics store on Black Friday than the efficient, clean, and aesthetically pleasing space you designed. Electrical outlets inside your vanity can help put an end to your countertop insanity. Not only can you plug in your electric toothbrush and/or razor, there's also space for curling and flat irons, a hairdryer and more. Most customizable vanities also give you the necessary options to keep your hot styling accessories safe while they cool down. 


Another convenient upgrade is a medicine cabinet with USB integrated electrical outlets. Forgot to charge your phone again? Now you can charge up and stay in touch while getting ready in the morning by using your tablet to catch up on the news or your favorite TV show. Many electric accessories can also be charged by USB, freeing up your other outlets for more low tech bathroom essentials.


Your new smart medicine cabinet definitely needs lighting. Some smart cabinets feature lighting that mimics the light of the sun which has been shown to help your mind and body feel more energized. However, adjustable lighting is an incredibly handy feature for any bathroom. Having the ability to adjust the brightness helps you put your best face forward every day and avoids harsh glare during nighttime bathroom breaks. A final important lighting feature to look for is a medicine cabinet with interior lighting; storing medicine in your new cabinet, it is important to see what your looking at.


There is no better way to start your day than with your favorite playlist! Whether you want to connect your phone via Bluetooth or listen to your favorite radio station, choosing a medicine cabinet with audio capability can definitely have a positive impact on your morning routine.

Get Smart

Smart home technology is already making your kitchen and living room a more entertaining and productive space. It really only makes sense to extend this convenience into your bathroom with a smart medicine cabinet.

Are you thinking about a smart medicine cabinet?

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