Best Kitchen Accessories of 2018

Swapping out your accessories are a fast and easy way to upgrade your kitchen, but choosing them can be just as overwhelming as all the other decisions you'll make for the style of your kitchen. The list of top sellers from 2018 was compiled based on shoppers like you, and updates like these will make a big improvement to your kitchen.

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Matte Black Finish Looks Fine

Since its introduction, the matte black finish has consistently gained ground as one of the best-selling finishes on the market. Designers love it because it's a show-stopper and a grounding neutral at the same time, and homeowners like its easy maintenance. Matte black looks good on both traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional designs, and you can confidently style your kitchen or bathroom around it without worrying about clashing finishes or that it will ever look dated.

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Ginger vs Dezi Bathroom Accessories

Don't leave your bathroom half dressed! After you've put so much time, effort and money into your bathroom remodel, don't forget your bathroom accessories. Not only do they help keep you organized so morning routines run smoothly, they also pull your entire room together. Ginger and Dezi Home both offer powerhouse collections of bathroom accessories that help you create a cohesive design.

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Towel Bar vs Towel Hook

An organized bathroom has a place for everything and everything in its place, which is one reason why bathroom accessories are so important. Accessories are also the finishing touch for any bathroom design; the details are small but matter, like whether or not you install towel bars or towel hooks. Each one has it own aesthetic and make your new bathroom look great, but the one that works best for you can vary depending on the size of your bathroom and how much ventilation you have in your bathroom.

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Stylish Grab Bars, Hand-Held Showers Help Aging in Place

Increasing numbers of older Americans are choosing to live out as many of their golden years as they can independently in their own homes. Aging in place doesn’t mean without assistance, though, which is where smartly designed bathroom accessories can make all the difference.

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