4 Best Small Soaking Tubs On The Market

When it comes to adding a touch of luxury to your home, there are few items more coveted than a beautiful soaking tub. A cherished tradition in cultures throughout the world, this style of tub was popularized by ancient peoples, such as the Romans and the Japanese, and has become increasingly popular in the West. 

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8 Best Brushed Nickel Bathroom Accessories

One of the more defining elements of modern bathroom design is statement metals, most popularly seen in hardware such as faucets, and other accessories. Though golds and coppers have been trending in recent years, brushed nickel is another highly desirable finish that is both sleeker than the traditional stainless steel, and yet may age better than other options.

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7 Best Delta Bathroom Accessories To Finish Your Bathroom With

When it comes to home appliances and accessories, you want to know you’re getting the best product possible. With over 65 years in business, Delta has become a titan for bathroom and kitchen accessories, and has gained a reputation for quality, technology and craftsmanship.

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7 Best Bathroom Sinks For Tiny Houses

When it comes to building your tiny house bathroom, choosing each appliance carefully is key. There is perhaps no room in a tiny home that is smaller than the bathroom, and that’s an important element to consider.

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Prepare Your Home For Caretaking: 6 Tips For Accomodating A Mixed Ability Family

It’s becoming increasingly common for multiple generations to live within one house. Some experts estimate that the number of individuals living with their parents is the highest its been in 130 years. This can be due to multiple reasons: first, individuals who require extra assistance and care might need to live with parents or caretakers. Second, it’s not uncommon for parents to move back in with their children in older age. This is more common than not in other countries. Finally, young adults are moving out later and later in life, culminating in larger households with increased needs.

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4 Best Bathroom Faucets Your Money Can Buy In 2019

When you think of accessorizing your bathroom renovation, faucets might be an afterthought. However, this essential piece of hardware should not be overlooked, because not only is it essential to the function of your bathroom, the right faucet can transform the style and appearance of it as well.

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5 Sink Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Despite what you might see on network television, the modern American home actually has a moderately sized to smaller bathroom setup. This is due to several reasons, but mostly that this is how the typical home is laid out, preserving more room for bedrooms and other more frequented areas.

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How To Recreate Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Basinless Sink In Your Bathroom

Keeping up with the Kardashian-West family’s interior design is a fast-moving game. Kim and Kanye have moved multiple times, and are pretty consistently in the process of upgrading their interior decor. Their latest home, an estimated $85 million “minimal monastery” drew attention for many reasons, but in Kardashian’s Vogue “73 Questions” interview, fans noted that her bathroom sink was, well, a bit odd looking.

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Prepare Your Home For Kids: 7 Upgrades That Make Parenting A Little Easier

Having kids changes everything — just ask anyone who’s done it. From your priorities to your sleep habits, deciding to have a family is a major adjustment. Other than mentally preparing yourself for what’s ahead, you will also need to consider some updates to your living situation.

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Digital Showers: What Are They? What Are The Benefits? Cost & More

When it comes to the latest innovation in home technology, digital showers are an up-and-coming trend. Gone are the days of pacing showers, burning or chilling your hands while you regulate the thermostat, and guessing the rate of your water flow. Digital showers merge technology and comfort, giving you the most ideal bathing experience.

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Tiny House 101: Tiny House Movement, Costs To Build, Resell & More

Homes today are roughly 1,000 square feet larger than they were in 1973, while the average number of people per household has decreased. This means that more people are living in increasingly larger spaces, with fewer people to inhabit them, and, in many cases, with more things they likely do not need, and might not even want. Some research also suggests that families are generally happier when they live in smaller homes, and the trend toward repopularizing them is gaining traction. 

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In-Law Suite 101: What Is It? What Does It Cost? What Are Alternatives?

When a parent or grandparent enters a certain point of their life during which they require round-the-clock care, or simply do not want to spend the last years of their lives living alone, family members — typically children — will welcome them into their own homes. 

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