Best Places Professional Interior Designers Are Drawing Inspiration From In 2019

Interior design, like any other kind of art, often happens in waves. These trends all tend to be similar to one another because many artists and designers pull inspiration from their peers. This has been going on since before civilization knew what “art” was, and so it’s truly just another part of the design process: learning to pull inspiration from what’s interesting, creative or unique, while still adding a degree of inventiveness to make it your own. 

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Prepare Your Home For Caretaking: 6 Tips For Accomodating A Mixed Ability Family

It’s becoming increasingly common for multiple generations to live within one house. Some experts estimate that the number of individuals living with their parents is the highest its been in 130 years. This can be due to multiple reasons: first, individuals who require extra assistance and care might need to live with parents or caretakers. Second, it’s not uncommon for parents to move back in with their children in older age. This is more common than not in other countries. Finally, young adults are moving out later and later in life, culminating in larger households with increased needs.

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Interior Design Resume: Creating The Perfect Resume With Examples, Samples, Tips

Whether you’re graduating from art school and looking for a position with an established firm or hanging your own shingle, you need to know how to perfect your résumé. The tricky part of this is that so much of interior design is visual, not verbal, but if you rely solely on your portfolio, you’ll miss a great opportunity to sell your potential employer or client on your skills and past experience.

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Interior Design Portfolio: Starting A Career From A Labor Of Love

Maybe you had such a great time redesigning your home, you’ve started to think about perhaps offering the service to other people. Maybe you’re in school for design and are starting to think about what your career could look like as a post-grad. Maybe enough people have requested your guidance with their own styling that you’re thinking of making it a business. It might be time for you to put together an interior design portfolio.

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