Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks: Fireclay vs Cast Iron

Your kitchen is the busiest room in the house with most of the action taking place in and around your kitchen sink. Because your kitchen sink is so vital, choosing the perfect piece can feel a bit overwhelming. From contemporary kitchens to rustic ones, farmhouse sinks add beauty and functionality to any kitchen, but then that begs the question: Which is a better farmhouse sink material; fireclay or cast iron?

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Hansgrohe vs Grohe: What’s the Difference?

One of the most-asked questions we answer is if Hansgrohe and Grohe are the same company.

The short answer is, “No.” The longer answer is a little more complicated.

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Moen vs Delta Bathroom Faucets: Do You Want A Moen Or Delta?

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are so many details to take into consideration, perhaps even some that are new to you. When it comes to your sink’s hardware, you really can’t go wrong choosing between a Delta or Moen bathroom faucet.

Both will look great and perform well, so it’s really just a matter of preference. However, one of the faucets is slightly more complicated than the other, technically-speaking, so your choice may come down to an issue of practicality.

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Kraus vs Elkay: Reduce Noise In Your Kitchen With A Sound Dampening Sink

Sound-dampening stainless steel kitchen sinks help keep the noise associated with cooking, cleaning, and crafts to a minimum. This relatively new technology was specifically designed for stainless steel kitchen sinks because while this kitchen stalwart looks great and is easy to maintain, it can also be really noisy. Kraus and Elkay have earned their reputations for providing high quality, high-end sinks for the residential market. Here's how their sound-dampening efforts compare.

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Choosing Between Stainless Steel & Brushed Nickel Faucet Finishes

A faucet finish is one of the most important decisions that will impact your kitchen or bathroom remodel. It forms the base for the rest of your hardware, cabinet handles and/or pulls, lighting fixtures, and accessories. You’ll either need to match or complement the metal you choose with the rest of your bathroom.

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Kohler vs Moen: Add Luxury To Your Bathroom With A Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are such a great addition to your bathroom. Not only can they fully invigorate you at the beginning of your day, they can also provide the perfect note to send you off to bed at night. Kohler and Moen are two of the most well-known names in faucets and fixtures, and both companies offer rain shower heads that are beautiful and provide a drenching spray.

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Visible vs Concealed vs Skirted Trap Toilet

The majority of American homes feature toilets with visible traps, meaning the base of their bowl was molded with the outline of the trapway visible. A toilet with a concealed trapway has a smooth surface where the trapway would normally appear, and skirted toilets are designed with smooth sides from front to back. Most people probably don't give the design of their toilet base much thought, but because toilets are an integral part of your overall bathroom design, you might want to take a moment to consider its appearance among other points.

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Luxury Bathroom Faucets: Riobel vs Rohl

Both Riobel and Rohl specialize in high-end faucets with a European flair. Riobel designers work out of the company's Quebec, Canada, location adding softer lines to more modern angles while Rohl sources faucets from Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. Both brands offer exceptional craftsmanship, design and a noticeably upscale appearance that separates them from lower-tier brands.

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Ginger vs Dezi: Choosing Between Ginger & Dezi Bathroom Accessories

Even after you've put time, effort and money into your bathroom remodel, your bathroom accessories will bring it all together. Not only will they help with aesthetics, but the right bathroom features will help you stay organized and ensure your mornings and evenings are running more smoothly. Ginger and Dezi both offer powerhouse collections of bathroom accessories that help you create a cohesive design.

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Delta vs. Kohler: Choosing The Right Thermostatic Shower System

Shower systems fall into one of two categories: pressure balanced or thermostatic. The primary difference is in how the shower valve controls unexpected dips in temperature if someone else in your house (rudely) starts a load of laundry, flushes the toilet or runs the dishwasher while you're in the shower. Both work great to avoid unnecessary flashes of scalding hot or icy cold water, but a thermostatic valve gives you independent control over both temperature and water volume. Here's how Delta and Kohler stack up against each other.

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Find Which Flush Best Fits Your Needs

Toilets have moved from a utilitarian necessity without any real style to an integral piece of your bathroom design. Toilets have undergone other changes over the years as well; touchless operation, bidet integration and the introduction of smart home tech, for example, but what hasn't changed is the need for good flushing. Your toilet must effectively and efficiently swish waste away at the same time it looks great.  

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Magnetic Shower Heads: Delta In2ition vs. Moen Magnetix

In order to get water exactly where you want it, you need a detachable shower head. Whether it’s for cleaning your shower, bathing a child, washing a beloved pet or massaging sore muscles, a handheld shower head is the perfect accessory.

Detachable shower heads are available from most major brands, but two of the leading products include the Delta In2ition and Moen Magnetix.

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Read More 7/19/18 6:00 AM

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