Meet VIGO's New LED Kitchen Faucet

VIGO’s commitment to future-forward design and function are perfectly embodied by the sleek, ultra-modern Oakhurst Pull-Down Faucet. Designed with simple lines and a large curved single-spout neck, the solid-brass Oakhurst stands over a foot tall, towering over a range of kitchen sinks to fit countless décor options and styles. The versatile unit features a bold matte black finish that creates dramatic, artful contrasts against most color schemes and adds dimension to muted walls and countertops. What’s more, this groundbreaking faucet model is packed with practical features like an integrated LED that simplify kitchen projects and make everyday tasks easier, even for those with limited abilities.

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Delta .Xt Technology is 3-in-1 Bathroom Faucet

Touch and touchless faucets in your bathroom can make cleaning up and keeping your faucets clean so much easier. With just the tap of your wrist or a wave of your hand you can operate your faucet without transferring any germs or getting it soapy. Delta Faucet recently introduced .Xt technology, giving you a bathroom faucet you can operate three different ways. 

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MatteStone by VIGO: Versatile Sinks for Kitchen and Bath

When it comes to selecting your ideal bathroom or kitchen sink, you won't have to choose between a sink of enduring quality or aesthetic appeal. Natural stone sinks are a great combination of both, but they can be pricey and require more maintenance than you have time. VIGO listened to customer concerns and developed MatteStone™, a composite designed to look and feel like carved, polished stone.

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What Are Sound-Dampening Kitchen Sinks?

Kitchens are the bustling epicenter of the home, and with all that activity comes a lot of noise. Between the cacophony of busy lives, cooking, and cleaning, do you really need the additional sounds of dishes clanging in the sink and the echo of running water? Sound-dampening stainless steel kitchen sinks can be the answer you need.

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Smart Showering: Kohler vs Moen

Cars are getting smarter, phones can do more in the palm of your hand, and we can even interact with rooms in our homes thanks to the growing popularity of smart home technology. It seems only fair that bathrooms benefit from the latest tech too. Two systems, U by Moen and Kohler DTV+, bring your shower online, giving you the perfect shower time and time again. Either the Moen or Kohler shower system could be the ideal addition to your smart bathroom; let's discover the difference to determine which one fits your life best.

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What is a Shower Valve

Your shower valve is the most important part of your shower you never see. Valves are decidedly un-sexy, but, without them, your gorgeous shower trim won't yield a single drop of water. Shower valves are integral to any shower system, responsible for controlling water temperature and the flow of water.

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Verdera Smart Mirror by Kohler with Amazon Alexa

The Kohler Verdera lighted smart mirror with Amazon Alexa integration is packed with features that you never knew you wanted, you'll soon wonder how you've done without them for so long. The Kohler Verdera boasts a microphone, two speakers, water resistance, voice controlled lights, Kohler Konnect capabilities, and, of course, Amazon Alexa integration.

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Kohler vs Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucets

A touchless kitchen faucet can certainly be handy because, well, your hands don't ever need to touch it. Both Kohler and Moen offer touchless kitchen faucets that deliver on their promise to make your everyday tasks that much easier, but there are differences between the two.

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How to Choose a Garbage Disposal

Installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen will change forever the way you prepare meals and clean up after them. Never again will you have to keep scraps separate or worry about too much going down the drain and clogging up the works.

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Mirror, Mirror... Smart Innovations for Your Medicine Cabinet

Your phone isn't the only thing getting smarter. You probably have a smart TV, smart speakers, maybe even a smart refrigerator; appliances you control with your phone or through voice commands using WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There are some smart technologies designed for your bathroom, too, including for your medicine cabinet. Additionally, there are some innovations that should become everyday luxury.

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Up Your Kitchen Game with Cool Tech

Technology geared to making the most of your home so you enjoy it fully is one of the fastest growing segments in the home improvement market and for good reason. While most tech gadgets have focused on entertainment, top brands are wrapping their arms around bringing kitchen technology. Combining state-of-the-minute tech with every day fixtures and appliances in the kitchen can make meal prep, cooking and cleaning up so much faster and easier. In 2018, there will be a number of ways to up your kitchen game.

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Top 6 Bathroom Gadgets for 2018

Turning your bathroom into one of the smartest rooms in your house doesn't always have to mean incorporating big, splashy features. Instead, there are a number of bathroom gadgets available now that can help make your morning routine a breeze so you wonder how you ever managed without them.

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