Best Toilets of 2018

The unrelenting march of technology has reached the most important seat in your home: your toilet. By adding innovative flushing technology and dual flush options, among others, Kohler was the best-selling toilet manufacturer among eFaucets customers. Thanks to their intuitive and functional designs, Kohler's top toilets are ideal for any home.

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Your Guide to the Perfect Toilet Height

Your toilet is the most important seat in your house, so installing one at the most comfortable height will have an impact on your bathroom experience. "Height" refers to the measurement from your bathroom floor to the top of the bowl WITHOUT the seat. And, while many toilets available today are marketed as comfort height, not everyone might find them comfortable.

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Visible vs Concealed vs Skirted Trap Toilet

The majority of American homes feature toilets with visible traps, meaning the base of their bowl was molded with the outline of the trapway visible. A toilet with a concealed trapway has a smooth surface where the trapway would normally appear, and skirted toilets are designed with smooth sides from front to back. Most people probably don't give the design of their toilet base much thought, but because toilets are an integral part of your overall bathroom design, you might want to take a moment to consider its appearance among other points.

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Tips to Make Your New Toilet Fit Perfectly

Your toilet is the most important seat in your home, but the day will come when it needs to be replaced. If your new toilet doesn't fit exactly, you're risking water leaks, unnecessary damage, and potentially expensive repairs. So how do you measure a toilet? Before you start browsing, you'll need a tape measure, a pencil and paper on which to write your measurements and a general idea of how you see your new toilet fitting into your bathroom.

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Discover Ariel Bath Toilets

Your bathroom remodel plan using unique and interesting shapes can come together when you use faucets and fixtures from Ariel Bath. You'll want to pay particularly close attention to Ariel Bath's toilets. Their contemporary one piece toilets add sophistication to any bathroom, creating an elegant and functional space.

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Find Which Flush Best Fits Your Needs

Toilets have moved from a utilitarian necessity without any real style to an integral piece of your bathroom design. Toilets have undergone other changes over the years as well; touchless operation, bidet integration and the introduction of smart home tech, for example, but what hasn't changed is the need for good flushing. Your toilet must effectively and efficiently swish waste away at the same time it looks great.  

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One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets

One-piece and two-piece toilets are similar in many ways - they flush the same, they are installed in similar fashions and they use the same amount of water. But when comparing cleanliness, size and durability, one-piece often comes out ahead.

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Your Toilet: 4 Important Points to Consider

Your toilet is the most important seat in the house because of how it whisks away some of life's more important tasks. Over the last several years, toilets have undergone some radical changes, including:

  • Creating design elements and inserting toilets into bathroom collections for a stylish and cohesive look
  • Integrating emerging technologies to make doing your business a truly hands-off experience
  • Raising the bowl height a couple of inches to make it easier to both sit down and stand back up again
  • New flushing mechanisms that get the job done with less water

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How to Choose a Toilet

Luxury is not typically associated with toilets, but innovative design, evolving technologies and unique features have moved the toilet from simple bathroom necessity to stylish focal point.

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A Celebrity Among Toilets: The Kohler Numi

The goal of “smart” home appliances has always been to improve the most mundane tasks in our lives, and a smart toilet certainly accomplishes that goal. The Kohler Numi toilet introduces a host of new technologies specifically to make your life easier and star of your bathroom.

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Smart Toilets: Are They Worth the Investment?

As smart technology begins to enter the bathroom, the toilet is evolving from a mundane necessity into a stylish tech centerpiece. Smart toilets have been around for several years, though, to date, most of the technology has centered on touchless flushing, automated seat lifting and heated seating. In 2018, we will see the first toilets that connect via WiFi, and integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri to enable voice control.

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Should You Install a Bidet or a Cleansing Seat?

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You've decided to take the plunge and embrace a more international way of life by incorporating a bidet into your bathroom, and you're not sure if you need a separate fixture or a seat you can affix to your existing toilet. Both bidets and cleansing seats (often referred to as a washlet) are generally more sanitary than the use of toilet paper in the bathroom because you're using water and air for cleaning and drying instead of tissue paper, greatly reducing the potential of spreading germs.

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