How To Correctly Install Recessed Lighting In Your Home

Heather Asiyanbi - 9/5/18 11:00 AM

Lighting a room with recessed lighting takes a bit of planning. The overall size of the room, ceiling height and how the light fixtures will be used should all be taken under consideration. Recessed lighting can be used as ambient (general) lighting in both your kitchen and your bathroom as the first layer in your lighting scheme so you get the most out of your room.

For general purpose lighting, recessed lighting is a great way to go because they can actually also serve as task and accent lighting at the same time. Additionally, recessed lighting can be configured in almost any pattern and to work with and without ceiling mounted and pendant fixtures.

Here's how to make sure your recessed lighting goes according to plan:

Walls: There should be at least three (3) feet between the wall and a recessed light. Using this guideline eliminates odd shadows and the feeling that the room is smaller than it is.

Spacing: Take the height of the ceiling and divide by two; this is how far apart the lights should be placed. Also important: fixtures should be installed between joists.

Where to start: Place the first light in the middle of your ceiling and measure out from there using the spacing rule in the previous point.

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If you have some lingering doubt about whether or not there are enough lights, it's always better to add a few extra and then use a dimmer to control the light output.

Also, if a particular light is meant to highlight a piece of artwork or be positioned over a kitchen island, for example, make sure to draw out the room first to be clear about where each fixture will go. Taking this simple step eliminates headaches and frustration down the road.

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