Top 4 Smart Home Innovations for your Bathroom

Wesley Ward - 2/9/18 3:04 PM

At CES 2018, Kohler and Moen each announced new products for the growing Smart Home market. This marks the first set of major product launches for the smart bathroom that feature connected products that integrate with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri. This post shares the top Smart Home bathroom products launching in 2018. 

For a primer on smart tech for the bathroom, you may want to read our Introduction to Smart Tech For the Bathroom

1. Kohler Verdara Voice Lighted Mirror

Kohler is launching a number of products in 2018 built on its Kohler Konnect platform that connects their smart home line of products, enabling remote control via the Kohler Konnect mobile app, and voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. The Verdara Voice Lighted Mirror offers the most practical everyday functionality by tapping into the power of voice control. As you are brushing your teeth or applying make-up during your morning routine, you can ask Alexa to give you traffic and weather updates, read emails, play music or reorder toothpaste. The mirror also enables you to use Alexa to control your other Kohler Konnect products, such as starting your shower or filling your bathtub, and even adjusting the lighting on the mirror itself. 

2. Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

Kohler's Numi Intelligent toilet has been around for a few years, though in 2018 they're adding the power of voice assistance through Kohler Konnect's integration with Amazon Alexa. The Numi already offered an integrated bidet, the ability to play music, automatic seat lid and seat warmer, foot warmer, automatic cleaning and deodorizing, and an integrated night light. Now, you can simply use your voice to ask Alexa to turn on these features for you.

3. U by Moen Digital Shower

The U by Moen shower system is the first digital shower to feature Amazon Alexa and enabled voice controls. The system features a digital valve and a digital controller, with the controller connecting wirelessly to a mobile device and Amazon Echo devices. The system lets you set shower preferences (temperature, shower head and spray usage) and save them by user. You can use voice controls to set your presets, or ask Alexa to turn the shower on to your preferred temperature. Once the shower is at your desired temperature, the water flow is paused, you are alerted, and when you are ready to step in, you can start your shower without having to wait for warm water. 

4. Kohler DTV+ Digital Shower

Kohler's DTV+ with Kohler Konnect is not yet available and its release is yet to be announced. The DTV+ will offer the ability to personalize your shower experience beyond just water and temperature, offering the added ability to set music and lighting preferences, too. With the Kohler Konnect capability it will also enable voice controls through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri, and remote access through a mobile app. 


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