Top 6 Bathroom Gadgets for 2018

Wesley Ward - 4/4/18 3:06 PM

Turning your bathroom into one of the smartest rooms in your house doesn't always have to mean incorporating big, splashy features. Instead, there are a number of bathroom gadgets available now that can help make your morning routine a breeze so you wonder how you ever managed without them.

Chromotherapy Showers & Tubs

Kohler Bathtub with Chromotherapy

Light can have a profound effect on our mood, our emotions, and our sense of well-being, so starting or ending your day with a shower or bath surrounded by colored lights that correspond to how you want to feel can go a long way in helping you get there. For example, using orange and yellow light can be stimulating, giving you energy in the morning to get your day going. On the other hand, blue and green lights can be more soothing as a perfect prelude to sleep.

Manufacturers like Kohler, Rohl and HydrovSystems offer chromotherapy through integrated lighting in shower heads and in bathtubs to balance your energy.


Kohler Moxie ShowerheadIn-shower speakers like Kohler's Moxie or SoundTile allow you to stream music from your smartphone directly into your shower. The primary difference is the Moxie can be installed any time as a replacement shower head while SoundTile needs to considered as part of a remodel because it's set into your wall.

The Moxie is shower head that doubles a bluetooth wireless speaker you can take with you. Start your concert during your morning shower and keep the music going even after you step out of the water by taking the Moxie with you while you're getting dressed, making your coffee and packing your lunch.

SoundTile, on the other hand, is a waterproof speaker system delivering high-definition sound in a waterproof package that installs in your shower wall or ceiling. You set the mood - wake up energy, spa-like relaxation, soothing sounds to get ready for bed - by using an app on your phone.

Kohler's DTV+

Kohler Soundtile Speakers DTV+

Create the ultimate showering experience by combining sound, lights, steam and water temperature and pressure by using the DTV+ waterproof touch screen. It seamlessly integrates with the SoundTile Speakers as well as a host of custom shower components like rainshower heads and body sprays. And, because there are up to six presets, every person who uses the shower can customize their experience.Additionally, DTV+ features both a warm-up and pause function. You can step under the water when it reaches your desired temperature and pause your shower should you need to step out without losing any of the warmth.

 Touchless Flush Toilets

Kohler Touchless Flush ToiletDecrease the spread of germs in your bathroom with a touchless flush toilet. Instead of pressing a lever or pushing a button, Kohler offers the Cimarron two-piece and the San Souci elongated one-piece toilets that flush with just a wave of your hand. Both models are available in a variety of colors so you can match your toilet to the rest of your bathroom fixtures for seamless integration. The Cimarron and the San Souci are also comfort height toilets, meaning the bowls are two to three inches taller than a standard toilet.

 LED Nightlight Toilet Seat

Delta Nightlight Toilet SeatBanish harsh light during nighttime bathroom runs with a toilet seat that features an integrated LED nightlight. Both Delta and Kohler offer seats with a soft, blue LED light you control with a timer so it's only lit during the hours you set. The lights are powered by AA batteries that last an average of six months. when the timer is set for a 9-hour run time.

Mopping Tile Robot

iRobot BraavaImagine not having to reach under your vanity or behind your toilet to clean the floor ever again. The new iRobot Braava can both sweep and mop your tile, hardwood and stone floors. It intuitively knows if it should dry sweep, damp sweep or mop depending on which cleaning pad you affix to the bottom. And, because the pads eject with the touch of a button, your hands never have to get dirty.


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