The Top 3 Smart Shower Solutions

Wesley Ward - 12/11/18 8:00 PM

Smart technology has made a splash in the bathroom fixture market and a smart shower is the latest trend adding convenience, energy efficiency and even joy to your morning routine. Three top manufacturers - Kohler, Moen, and Delta - each offer a smarter showering experience at varying price points.

The Kohler DTV Prompt and DTV+ Digital Showering System

Kohler has a reputation for leading the industry in technological developments, and the DTV series is no exception. In addition to setting temperature controls and water flow, you'll also have the ability to remotely control lighting and music as well. The DTV system hasn't yet been released and a price point hasn't been determined.


The DTV series provides an incredibly convenient experience, with both in- and out-of-shower control, simple one-touch operation, and complete customization.

DTV products are fully water resistant, so you can set your shower temperature using the simple controls from outside your shower or from a water-resistant in-shower controller. Instead of potentially stepping into a lukewarm or cold shower, you can bring your shower up to steam before you step under the spray.

The Kohler DTV series goes above and beyond in terms of usability.

The DTV Prompt features a simple display including:

  • 1 button for On, Pause, and Off
  • A large digital display
  • Toggle button for outlet control
  • Up and Down buttons for temperature control

The DTV+ boasts a touch screen control featuring:

  • Shower Outlets
  • Users
  • Steam
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • Spa
  • Stop
  • Settings
  • Power
  • Temperature up and down control

The DTV Prompt can be used with your favorite type of shower from a rain showerhead, traditional showerhead, to a hand shower or body spray. Any of these components can be run together or separately.

The DTV+ takes customization to the next level, featuring up to 6 user-defined presets so that you get your perfect shower every time. With the DTV+ you also get pre-installed temperature and hydrotherapy programs for a spa-like experience.

Energy Efficiency

Both DTV models provide excellent energy efficiency options to make sure that you are using your resources as responsibly as possible.

DTV’s Eco-Mode has an integrated diverter that complies with CALGreen requirements for water reduction by limiting the use of outlets to one at a time.

Also, DTV products include a warm up mode that heats your shower without wasting any water.


With the DTV series from Kohler, your morning routine gets a lot more fun. The DTV Prompt features a slim design, removing the need for bulky manual controls while the control panel can time your shower to keep you on schedule and even pause your shower when needed.

The DTV+ combines water, lighting, and music to make your shower a truly enjoyable experience. Set your lights for a natural “waking up” experience and singalong to your favorite morning tunes or catch up on the morning news. Or, unwind from a long day with a lower light setting and some relaxing music - all controlled by your Kohler DTV+.


U by Moen Digital Shower

U by Moen blends the best new technologies to create a trend-setting product. To read more about U by Moen, check out our in-depth analysis.


Control your shower with the controller, your smartphone, or even your voice. With the power of voice control technology, U by Moen gives you the convenience of starting, stopping and pausing your shower with your voice. Not only can you set the time and temperature for your shower, U by Moen also allows additional users to do the same.

Start your shower before even getting out of bed with the Moen remote application. Set your ideal shower temperature as well as start, stop, and pause your shower all from the convenience of your smartphone. And, of course, the app will notify you when your shower has reached your preset temperature so you never again step under a lukewarm shower.

Energy Efficiency

The U by Moen features energy efficient options including:

  • A timer with a reminder to keep you from getting behind schedule and wasting water
  • A pause function to save water without losing that perfect temperature
  • A smartphone app that will let you know when the time is right to jump in so you don’t waste any hot water on an empty shower


Enjoy a little more rest instead of standing awkwardly in front of the shower checking the temperature with your hand because your U by Moen shower will let you know when the time is right. With precise temperature control, U by Moen shower will also make sure that your entire experience is the best one possible.

Delta Temp 2o and H20 Kinetic Showers

Delta’s smart shower technology is innovative both in its temperature display, the Temp 2o, and its water-saving technology, the H2o Kinetic. 


The Delta Temp 2o provides a convenient experience by displaying your current water temperature on a small digital screen directly on your shower head. Because the screen is color-coded, you know when it’s time to hop under the spray. The screen displays the precise temperature and is blue when the water is cold (below 80℉), various shades of magenta as the water warms (80℉-110℉), and red when the water is hot (over 110℉).

Energy Efficiency

These Delta products take unique approaches to creating an energy-efficient shower experience.

While the Temp 2o line’s clear water temperature display allows you to spend less time checking for the water temp (wasting water) and more time in the shower enjoying the warm experience, the H2o Kinetic uses an innovative shower head design to sculpt the flow of water into a wave pattern that gives you the feeling of more water without actually using more water.


The Temp 2o shower head’s screen is easy to read so you get to avoid a cold surprise, and you can rest assured that the water temperature is also not too hot - and potentially dangerous for your family.

The H2o Kinetic products unique design gives you a completely new showering experience. Water coverage from the wave-like spray of an H2o Kinetic is a pleasurable feeling you cannot get with any other shower head.

Finally, Delta's smart shower products require a smaller investment than other options, so you can gradually join the movement without overspending.


If you are ready to experience convenience, energy efficiency and the joy of a smart shower system, Kohler, Moen and Delta all offer exceptional options from which to choose. If you are always on the edge of the newest technology, then the DTV and DTV+ systems from Kohler will probably appeal most to you. Unfortunately, without a release date from Kohler, you may have to wait a while. But, if you're more comfortable with entry-level or mid-range tech, then Delta and Moen certainly have a showering experience that will fit into your home and your budget.

If you have any questions or smart shower features you are looking forward to in the future, tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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