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Heather Asiyanbi - 9/27/18 1:36 PM

A new sink is making its way into contemporary bathrooms, and it might just be better than a traditional porcelain sink. The new design trend for bathrooms is trough sinks, and we have three big reasons why you should consider installing one.

Trough Sinks are an Unexpected Design Choice

Trough sinks have had a rich history as feeding areas for livestock before they ever entered homes. Then, they moved into kitchens as dry sinks in the pre-plumbing days.

Their functionality and aesthetic works perfectly in both modern and rustic bathrooms, though. They’ll catch the eyes of anyone who tours your home.

While most homes utilize porcelain, oval sinks, your bathroom can be unique and unexpected by showcasing a rectangular, metal trough bathroom sink.

Trough Sinks are Easy to Clean and Maintain

If you want a bathroom sink that’s easy to maintain, a trough sink is perfect for you.

Trough bathroom sinks have a sleek design which makes them very easy to wipe down. There aren’t nooks or crannies where dirt and grime can collect.

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Depending on the metal you choose for your trough sink, clean up can be as r with age. Brushed nickel is also simple to clean, and even concrete trough sinks require little effort to keep spotless.

Trough Bathroom Sinks are Great in Small Spaces

For many couples, double sink vanities are a must. However, if you’re dealing with a small bathroom, it isn’t always possible to install two sinks. If you use a trough sink, however, you can have two faucets in one long sink, which is easier to install and takes up less space.

It’s also less expensive to have one trough sink than installing two sinks and vanities.

Trough bathroom sinks are low-maintenance but provide a big impact in any home. If you’re unsure which sink to use in your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a trough sink.

And, because of their beautiful functionality, this is one trend that’ll be here to stay.

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