Valves Make Your Perfect Shower Possible

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/27/18 2:04 PM

The valve behind the wall of your shower lacks a certain amount of sex appeal, but it is one of the hardest working components in your bathroom. Your valve directs water where you want it to go no matter if you have a shower-over-tub configuration or a luxury system with body sprays and multiple shower heads.


Delta In2ition ShowerDelta In2ition Shower

This In2ition 2-in-1 shower head and the Linden trim from Delta can round out your transitional design scheme in your bathroom. Not only can you use the shower head as one piece with spray from both segments, you can take the handheld unit out and use it separately. 

To start every day off on the right foot, be sure you add the 1/2" MultiChoice Universal Connection Single Box Rough-In Valve as well. It can handle a number of different cartridges - which ship with the trim - and connects via IPX, PEX and universal.

2 Shower Heads

Moen Dual ShowerheadMoen DUal ShowerheadMoen's dual shower head configuration from their commercial collection is a great addition if you have multiple generations living in your home. The stationary head is great for family members who don't require any considerations while the hand held shower head on a slide bar is a welcome component for folks who may need to sit down while bathing. Parents of littles will also appreciate the flexibility of the hand held; rinsing kids after messy outdoor playtime and even bathing the family pet is so much easier.

The Posi-Temp pressure-balancing control valve helps maintain water temperature and directs water where you need it to go, including to multiple locations.

Luxury Shower

Brizo Jason Wu CollectionBrizo Jason Wu CollectionThe Jason Wu by Brizo shower collection brings high fashion home to your bathroom. Fashion-forward fixtures from the renowned designer are beautiful and give you great shower as long as you have the right valve behind the wall to make it work.

Pop under the shower head to jump start your day or engage the body sprays to relax in an immersive experience at the end of the day. 

Installing a Brizo multi-choice universal valve with shutoff stops gives you the shower you want when you want it. The shutoff stops are a nice convenience should you need to change any piece of your trim; just shut off the water at the stops, make your exchange and turn the water back on for a fully operational shower.

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