Verdera Smart Mirror by Kohler with Amazon Alexa

Heather Asiyanbi - 5/14/18 2:16 PM

The Kohler Verdera lighted smart mirror with Amazon Alexa integration is packed with features that you never knew you wanted, you'll soon wonder how you've done without them for so long. The Kohler Verdera boasts a microphone, two speakers, water resistance, voice controlled lights, Kohler Konnect capabilities, and, of course, Amazon Alexa integration.


Verdera’s microphone allows you to speak to your mirror and keep your hands free for other morning tasks. Control the brightness of the mirrors’ lights or ask Alexa for the weather without interrupting your morning routine.

Dual Speakers

The Verdera’s speakers give your morning a boost with high quality surround sound right where you need it. Blast your favorite morning tunes or listen to the morning news while completing your makeup or shaving in front of your smart mirror.

Water Resistance

A smart mirror would be rendered useless without water resistant technology. Direct water splashes, as well as the inevitable shower fog will have no effect on Verdera high-tech components.


Proper lighting is the most important factor for any bathroom mirror. The Verdera not only provides custom light from multiple angles for the ultimate usability, it is also includes voice adjustable settings. Tell your mirror to go to give you "shaving mode," and the lights will come up; ask it to dim for nighttime, and the integrated LEDs will come down to your designated preference.

Kohler Konnect™ Integration

Kohler has provided the ultimate collection of cutting edge smart appliances for your home. Verdera smart mirrors can be integrated with your smart faucet, thermostat and more to add more voice controlled convenience to your home than ever before. Kohler Konnect also features the Kohler Konnect App which allows you to setup and control your smart home appliances from the convenience of a smartphone application available for Google Android and Apple iOS.

The Kohler Verdera is available in 24, 34, and 40 inch models, all of which include dual lighting and smart technology. Let us know what features you would like to see in a “smart mirror” below and check out our collection of Verdera mirrors.

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