Bathroom Fixtures: Vessel Sink & Faucet Sets

Heather Asiyanbi - 2/9/18 2:52 PM

Vessel sinks are a beautiful feature that give your bathroom an extra wow factor. The traditional style rests on top of a vanity, instead of mounted underneath or dropped in, and gives you the opportunity to integrate unique colors and textures while showcasing a stunning centerpiece.

Vessel sinks come in a variety of shapes, finishes, and materials including porcelain, glass, and bronze. Deciding on the perfect bathroom sink can be challenging, especially when you consider that you have to select a faucet that can both accommodate your new vessel sink and look great with it as well while also tying the whole bathroom together.

Luckily, top manufacturers created vessel sink and faucet combinations to take the stress out of finding each component yourself. Vessel sink and faucet sets are intentionally designed to complement each other and ensure the faucet is designed to work with the sink as they require a higher spout to account for basin depth.


Kraus Vessel Sink Faucet Combo.jpgKraus vessel sinks are available in the classic bowl design as well as square or rectangle sinks. Some of their most popular vessel sinks and faucets are made from clear or beautifully colored, tempered glass with matching waterfall faucets that can seamlessly blend into your current bathroom design or stand out as the focal point.

VIGO Industries

Vigo Vessel Sink Faucet Combo.jpg

VIGO Industries vessel sink faucet combos are also available in a variety of color and finish choices but often feature a more traditional, single-handle faucet. Their wide rectangle vessel sinks are finished with a polished interior that resists scratches and staining with a matte exterior. Because VIGO sinks are handmade, there may be slight color variations which means no two sinks are identical.

Kraus and VIGO Industries are not the only manufacturers to provide all-in-one vessel sink and faucet sets but they stand out because of their unique color options and design features. Selecting the one that is right for you depends on whether you prefer a sink with subtle, elegant features or one that will make your guests stop and say “wow.”


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