Video: Loving a New Sink and Touch Faucet

Heather Asiyanbi - 7/20/18 4:13 PM

The last time Sonia and Freddy Martinez enjoyed the look of a new kitchen sink and faucet was 20 years ago, so they were past due for an upgrade of both. As a first step in updating the kitchen of their 1960s ranch home, the couple chose a granite composite sink from Azhara in black and a touch faucet from Delta in polished chrome.

To say their new fixtures have made a difference in their life would be an understatement. Prepping meals and cleaning up after goes quickly, and both Sonia and Freddy appreciate the more modern aesthetic the pair together brings to their kitchen.

"There is definitely a more modern feel," Freddy noted. "With the upgrades we have planned for the kitchen, the sink and the faucet will fit right in."



Azhara composite sinks are not yet available, so stay tuned! Browse here to add a touch faucet from Delta to your kitchen. 

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